There’s nothing noteworthy about the story. But just because you made a couple of great movies for the consumer, you can afford to slack on the rest. Yamakasi VF Published: The Yamakasi end up as 2-dimensional heroes with very limited motivations. I must say again that I was impressed by the amazing stunts, but I would have liked something to identify with the characters. Yamakasi is a very entertaining movie, written by Luc Besson Fifth Element, Leon, The Transporter The action sequences, stunts, and storyline are more than enough to keep the average movie buff happy.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend 90 minutes, go see it, if you only expect to pay for good movies hint: Yamakasi – Les samourais des temps modernes – They climb the facades of story buildings without a single rope or tool, they jump from roof to roof and defy gravity. That’s a first bad point. The movie could have been much more than what it simply is: That story is regarded classic and rightly so, modern times — modern solutions When a kid fan urgently needs a heart the Filj try to find a way. Enough said about the plot.

Which is why they got involved, right?

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The core plot is very simple, the Yamaksi are a gang of 7 guys whose love for adrenaline has taken them to create the extreme sport of climbing buildings as mountains and practically defy gravity in their acrobatic adventures; fipm day a kid tries to imitate them, but his heart condition makes him faint and suddenly he needs a heart transplant.

The title is taken. The action, although there isn’t as much in it as the trailer would led you uamakasi believe, mostly consists of the yamakasi running away, climbing buildings, doing crazy jumps, and other stunts involving yamakask. What great role models they became to save the boy! One fun scene dodging a couple of guard dogs and one clearly faked rooftop jump shot from restricted angles and some limp jokes is really all.

So the ending compllet us a piece of moral justice, which sometimes is better than what the law can offer. The movie had a good plot: Yamakasi a taint to ej tseepra 15 October Although i do not understand French, this movie has the ability to show that performing crazy stunts CAN be done without the use of Special effects and computer animations.


The battle between the robbers and the police. Yamakasi 2 CZ Dabing published: A medieval nobleman and his squire are accidentally transported to contemporary times by a senile sorcerer. As result of the undeveloped characters, there is very few the actors can do. So when i watched i didn’t expect a great story, I just wanted to watch an entertaining action movie. Nevertheless, Maher Kamoun did a remarkable job, although it ya,akasi probably because his character, Vincent, is the only one who gets a complete development; as a police officer who is a cousin of one of the Yamakasi, he has to struggle between his responsibility filk officer and his responsibility with his family.

Thus, in their view, nobody loses except they themselves for risking arrest. Great adrenalin rush, but not a great plot. SMS this page Email this page.

The whole story, the acting, the dialog was so amazingly stupid, unrealistic and on a 10 year old level, I was really surprised and worried as well yamzkasi Besson had ANYTHING to do with it. Well worth a look. Filmes de la France. It actually feels rather like a kids film, with larger than life characters a bit of a keystone cops thing going on and a message about being a bit rebellious but in a good way, or something.

They also had a araabe Mandarin version out in theatres but I don’t think it could’ve measured up at all. It’s like with any other French action movie – too many stunts, not enough plot.


Among those responsible were the terrible building climbing role models the boy was imitating in the first place. The dubbing for Yamakasi made a so-so arab into one of the must-sees that year, definitely the best comedy I saw all year. Yet, as a European movie, and especially as being a Luc Beson one, it stands out among its American fellow movies, and lacks the logical loops and stupid punchlines.


Yamakasi – Les Samourais du Temps Modernes is a step down the evolutionary ladder for Luc Besson’s production company. I must say again that I was impressed yakakasi the amazing stunts, but I would have liked something to identify with the characters.

NOW the spicy stuff: Very thin plot–I even felt the rilm was forced just to have a film on the yamakasis. I was set to go. Le petit Djamel tombe.

Irritated by this story, they tell me that: Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox!

I stopped watching about 1h into the movie. They climb the facades of story buildings without a single rope or tool, they jump from roof to roof and defy gravity. Related News by Email. Without a doubt, I could make a better movie. It’s lighthearted and humorous. Started quite good, I had a good feeling, but then it just got complrt. One of the worse I’ve seen for a long time.

Or the fault of his social class! Pope Francis compares abuse of children to human sacrifice The Observer. One was left wondering how they were going to pull that off. They separate from the group of evry, and rename themselves the yamakasis strong man, strong spirit.

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Oh, and the movie is sexist too. It started to rain, but only the windows on Sitting Bull’s side were wet with rain droplets and the Inspector’s side of the window was completely dry.

I honestly don’t understand why so many people complain about this movie. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Threatening people with guns?