Xears appeals to have learned about the issue and claimed to have improved the build quality on the new TD III Pro v2. Because of the thickness, soundstage is below average due to the lack of air. It is that small space between the music and the listener that gives it a better than average soundstage and a fainted sense of smoothness without being obviously tamed down. Phiaton PS Review. Dunu DN Ares Review. It offers the clarity that is missing from Resonance by trading away the happy mid-bass, technically stronger though not a night and day difference. In fact, I rather fancy the smaller eartips with it with a deeper fit, just that you should be aware of it if you have very small ear canal.

Introducing the Project K Soundwriter. The mid, though stick out the most, is suffered from the same veil as the rest of the frequency. Hansound Redcore Review — Mesmerising. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro silicone shelled custom in-ear monitor review. Focal presents its new closed flagship: Copyright In Ear Matters. Post 2 of 9.

Treble rolls off a little early just pass I am not sure if bad driver is indeed an issue or just a lemon, but Xears had stepped up to replace those few pairs of IEM with the cutoff issue. Xiaomi Mi Headphones Review. The company started its early days on eBay and really aimed to minimize any packaging that will incur shipping cost.


Treble rolls off a little early just pass First, I’ll like to thank Xears for the samples. There is another U. If you are lucky, you can find one for cheap. Hidition NT 6 Review.

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Middle of Johor, Malaysia. In fact, I am not even sure if they are strain relief as Xears stated that the silicone tube is used for cable noise microphonic reduction. Penon BS1 Experience Ver. EarSonics Velvet universal fit in-ear monitor review.

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Monster Lil’ Jamz Review. A few things that worth noting: All serries are my own personal opinion only and should not be treated as absolute truth. Dunu DN Hephaes Review. Dunu DN Crius Review. Xears appeals to have learned about the issue and claimed to have improved xeara build quality on the new TD III Pro v2. While operating in Europe is probably quite costly, I do wish Xears will keep to its root by offering more bang of the bucks IEM in the future.

Gorilla Ears GX-4b Review.

Monster Beats by Dr. The cable is a bit springy and plasticy but surprisingly low in microphonics and memory effect. It lacks good texture for vocal or forwardness but keeps just enough detail not to get totally overshadowed by the bass.

[REVIEW] Xears Resonance / TD III PRO / PB120 / XR120PRO II

xezrs Rock Jaw Alfa Genus Review. Arctic Sound E Review. Neither of the models under review is particularly good in isolation – slightly below and close to average at best — good on not very noisy environment.


The single flanges are a bit too soft for my taste and you probably will want to have some aftermarket single flanges for replacement. Noble Audio – The Wizard is Back.

Basically I believe it is largely the same IEM with a new fabric sleeved cable. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Master list of all reviews on The Headphone List. Flares Pro Bluetooth Earphone Review. Revolutiom username or email address: Further research revealed a few more similar cases posted in the forum and seem to indicate an issue with the left driver.

Nov 10, at Here I will review 4 of their more popular models: Arctic Sound P Review. Monster Miles Davis Tribute Review.

It pulls just a tad further away from the listener and yet it is not too distanced to lose the intimacy. Seriee Mi-Artist Pro custom in-ear monitors review.