Edit this Page Edit Information. Now he approaches the Three Stooges first and affirms their friendship. Meanwhile, a Blue Messenger is running across the rooftops, dropping blue leaflets everywhere. It took him 20 episodes, but he finally figured out the way to his sweetheart’s heart. Btw, I found this link on MJS and thought of sharing it with you and hopefully can help you with the withdrawal pangs The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. I came to ask you to throw away Kim Yoon-shik, no, Kim Yoon-hee. Additionally, this damages the credibility of the geumdeungjisa as well. Not the world that a man must build through what he learned in books, but the world where I want to live. That explains why my mother and I were both hooked and now both showing serious withdrawal symptoms. The day of the Archery competition has finally arrived.

Kim Won-seok Hwang In-hyuk. Episode 2 Full Episode S 1: Whatever hatred I had for In Soo melted away the moment I saw him protect the woman he loved from being used by his daddy. He will not give up his dream to move the capital, however.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

While the Sungkyunkwan xcandal prepare for a schoolwide exam, Seong Joon and Yoon Hee’s relationship continues to develop. Although I don’t know what happens sungkyhnkwan her little bro because of that It was a fun episode and you could have said so much more.

She gets caught by the upright Lee Sun-joon Park Yoo-chunwho later acknowledges Yoon-hee’s talents, and even encourages her to enroll in the university. She drops the lantern and her mirror in surprise. Both pass the exam and get into the university and become roommates.


There was political intrigue, historical intricacies and sungkyunksan commentary as well. Contributors Become a contributor. We can do the get together on Thanksgiving weekend I don’t know from where this joke comes, I haven’t tried Korean glue, either. Not when he began this fight for the people, not to triumph over the Norons.

The problem with Yoon-hee being a girl is that whether the king intended it or not, he has broken down scandql traditions and principles as learned in the Three Bonds and Five Relationships of Confucianism by using a girl in his quest for the geumdeungjisa.

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It’s been a delight to squee and giggle and go gah gah with you all. Sungkyunkwan Scandal had charm. They really did a great job. If I could, I would turn back time and give you everything that I had.

The three boys come to Professor Jung for confirmation that Yoon-hee is with the king. I’m going to miss the Jalgeum Quartet We probably can go visit Jae Shin’s tree too Much is at stake for Yoon Hee, whose very fate at Sungkyunkwan will be determined by the match’s outcome.

When she realizes that there is good money to be made, Yoon Hee begins to take the entrance exams in the place of other students who want to get into the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University. Ahn Nae Sang Supporting Cast.

All i can say is Yay!!! Yong-ha and Jae-shin are on campus, discussing plans to find out where the meeting with Minister Ha and the Confucian scholars will be held. They are surprised to discover, however, that the person behind the robberies is not the criminal they expect.


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I’m epp sad it finally ends: You have such a wonderful sense of humour and your comments and insights are always witty and refreshingly vibrant and highly entertaining that I would LOVE to meet up with you someday and get to know you better Most Popular Time Travel Dramas.

Every time you had a conversation I wished I was there with you. Damn this drama was too cute. Top Actors Add New Person. But the leader of the petition and the one person Sun-joon really wants to see is nowhere to be found. Yes, and I understand fully if history buffs are miffed. Thank you again for your hard work!!! I meant Quartet, obviously! Informantxgirl November 11, at Park Yoochun and Park Min-young. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Thank you for everything, like what redpill wrote.

That’s the kind of man I want – one who pulls me to greater and greater heights, one whom I can pull to greater heights. I excuse much because of the cute