Jax basically cuts through all the pleasantries and tells Clay to say what he has to say. And I guess you can relate. View all Streaming Sites. Now, we get to the point in the show where business starts to pick up. After her press conference, she is briefed by the police officer in charge of the investigation. The younger brother never showed up.

What do you tell him? And I guess you can relate. Sign this agreement to cooperate, and I promise you a legal team to fight this bullshit murder. It’s a family thing. Your club sets you up for murder. I’ll take that as a yes. Gemma tells her that they will get everything figured out.

Riding through this world all alone God takes your soul You’re on your own The crow flies straight a perfect line on the devil’s bed until you die Gotta look this life in the eye Mr.

You talk to Jax yet?

How deep is that inspection? All right, wait here. And if he isn’t he’s dead. Amir thinks we killed him.

Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. Yeah, I guess so.

Some asshole at an NA meeting. Jax It was supposed to be just some fetish stuff.

Speaking of Bobby, now we see Bobby at a diner with the others that he watchh been recruiting to patch out with him. Before leaving, we get a brief glimpse of the present that Toric is leaving for housekeeping.


Just keeping it in your bag will give you comfort. He tells her that he missed him at county, and will have to wait until he is processed at Stockton. That’s always my endgame. Jax tells him to do it. Jax asks him if he is shedding all the guilt before he turns.

We now come back to Teller Morrow, where Gemma and Unser are feeding the boys. That happen in County? This makes him a special investigator. Hey, we need to give you a ride to your house?

You’re gonna be okay, sweetheart. Otherwise, he will probably end up dead. We’re still trying to determine whether and how Matthew acquired this weapon. Barosky tells Amir that this is done. Poenitntia in his hotel room, we find a half-naked Toric attempting to mess around with his cell phone.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Live Stream: Where to Watch ‘Poenitentia’ Online

Do she have a suspicion that her fate has already been sealed? Distracted by the thoughts going through sla mind, he spins around and shoots the girl in the stomach. Whether that intervention took place is still being determined as we continue our ongoing discussion with the Jennings family. The officer tells Roosevelt that a pickup truck was seen pulling away from here after changing a flat.

Sons of Anarchy s06e03 Episode Script

Unser and Phil are making him popcorn. Clay has old-school ties with the IRA. I am almost scared to ask what kind of a cliffhanger he is going to leave us with when this season ends, and we transition into the final season of the series.


Jax denies killing his brother. He also informs Jax that Toric payed a visit to Tara while she was on the inside, and that it was him who processed her arrest. You can hear the sound of his gums ripping as his teeth are being forcibly moved within his mouth.

And I guess you can relate. She tells him it is a form that covers her in case he decides to pofnitentia rogue. I want him dead as much as you do. Back in the hotel, we see Toric getting ready to start his day. She asks him if they watdh been able to locate Darvany or her boyfriend, to which he explains that they are both MIA. I can, uh, handle ’em for a while if you got to run.