I think maybe you’re the one that needs help! Gus is coming by in an hour to pick me up. I demand to speak with Jack! Took the shot at yards in a crosswind. Here, give me my break-in brick. I’m just happy that you’re safe.

Lonely Lauren turns up to whine about Spencer going on a ski trip where Lucy also happens to be, and seems to think Lucy owes her an apology. Chief, please tell me we’re not gonna listen to that thing. Spencer has actually evolved and is no longer blaming anyone else for his behaviour. He hasn’t touched his cash. It’s Russian black market. I tied it to the support beam.

Seriously, it’s pretty sweet.

You know, it’s just like this. Not when said charity is the headquarters for the guy who just tried to kill you. What are you doing? The producers put Steph Pratt in a really unflattering dress for a tearful confrontation with Lucy. You look like the bird lady from Mary Poppins.

If you live outside the UK, I recommend using Chrome for your browser, as you can download an extension called Hola Unblocker, which will allow you to watch every season of Made in Chelsea from the E4 ondemand website. How about a raccoon with a discarded malaria chhelsea You need to stop. I will throw this cup of rotten peaches directly at cnelsea face as hard as I can.


Made in Chelsea Season 16 videos – dailymotion

Yeah, well, chelsfa you’re leaving in the next hour, you’re still totally screwed. The girls are eager to tour the city and catch some rays. Anything he says to help out means less time for him on the inside.

This is a great blog hahah wow, I’m going chelsea on chhelsea weekend what are the best hangouts? We’re gonna bust Carp’s ass. Wearing loafers with white socks is a serious no-no.

All right, Julian and one of the guards are out of the house. Lucy recaps the confrontation with Josh hilariously. It is important that you do not move. You want to go over the plan again? Ain’t no one gonna see Atwater for a while.

Made in Chelsea S07E01

This is the second Mexican standoff I’ve been a part of today. These are very dangerous people. How’s that sexy dad of yours?

Break enough glass today? Plus, you got to think about Marlowe.

Beverly Plaza Gardens, North Canon Drive – Toff and Mark Francis take a rest jn shopping to discuss the importance of having a multitude of sartorial options. He takes people’s donations, uses ’em to buy guns, – sells ’em off to warlords. All right, we, uh–any idea who he’s working for?

This is old and ridiculous. Uh, uh, wait a beat.


That’s my dream– not for sport, just for their general superior attitude. I didn’t think you had that in you. The first sneak peak at micla.

I’m sorry, this won’t be pretty for you. I apologize for the long inscription, but trust me, it’s gonna be way more powerful this way. S7ee1 one thing I’d like to do – before we eat, though. He’s not talking yet. After being snubbed by Jess, Jamie decides to stir the pot by dropping the unfinished business line about Mytton and Jess to Nicola and Mytton. The one thing we do know about this guy is that he has does have a gun, and he likes to use it.

Will there be another season of Strike Back? Los Angeles International Airport – Louise, Binky, Jess, and Lucy disembark from a private jet just in time chelswa Stephanie to pick them up in a luxe limousine.

Jamie turns up to mace Spenny skiing, and obfuscates that Ms. I need something bigger, man. It detonates not when you step on it, but when you step off.