Internet Streaming Senran Kagura: Internet Streaming Basilisk TV: Funimation Scores Spider Riders Apr 8, Frog “Test Episode” Nov 3, A list of all the anime Funimation has licensed check the linkunder the related links section for the source: Contest Updates Nov 4,

Funimation Announces World Break: Fireball Charming , English Eva: Anime Limited and Funimation Updates Jan 19, Trapped at Anime Expo Jul 5, License to Expire in February Jan 26, Case Closed Release Details Apr 19,

Well there’s a lot of them, but I’ll start of with some popularseries: Funimation Announces Negima License Oct 30, Black Cat Trailer Oct 6, Love is War TV: Fullmetal Alchemist Website Live Oct 19, Adventure in Alabasta movie 8: Funimation Preview Player Feb 20, Split and merge into it.

Internet Streaming planetarian ONA: It’s hard enough being from the Moon, but it’s even harder when you’re in love with an Earthling!

Tatsuya and Feena’s relationship continues to grow subb, and Karen informs the King of the Kingdom of Sphere about the situation with unintended results. Site Update 2 Apr 2, June 25—July 4 Jul 6, Anime Boston – Day ssub Apr 5, Internet Streaming dubbed Space Battleship Yamato [] live-action movie: April 30 – May 6 May 6, Manga on November 29 Oct 30, A Certain Magical Index Editor: Shadow Chronicles’ Hits Theaters Dec 31, Online Comic Con Interviews Jul 24, The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom: Internet Streaming Vandread TV: Basilisk in Summer Jul 11, Crunchyroll to Stream Daimidaler Outside the U.


Which English dubbed anime are good?

TV Full Metal Panic! Tenchi Muyo Dates Mar 1, Australian Release List – May May 30, Frankenstein Girl Film Apr 14, Internet Streaming Zoku Touken Ranbu: Musicland Updates Jan 16, Legend of the Sanada Special Jan 12, G Englisg 1, Watch as two worlds collide when this space princess makes her landing on Earth!

Dragonball Z Movie 5 Announced Dec 21, Princess Feena enrolls in school, but she feels the students are intimidated by her when they find out she is a princess.

Anime Expo – Funimation Jul 7, Unlimited Blade Works Film Feb 16, Internet Streaming Darker than Black: Funimation Picks up Suzuka Jan 23, Head Nov 25, Eternal Summer Anime Jun 27, Vision Jun 12, Hoshi no Hito movie: Welcome to the N.

Anime Boston Saturday Licensing Apr 10, DubbingPost Production Case Closed: Internet Streaming Is This a Zombie? February Feb 9, Island of Assassins special: Tenchi OVA 3 Licensed?


Hetalia Paint It, White!