The records DS1, DS2. Alternatively, the user can also type the transmit channel and a transmission time, which is not necessarily to the start time of the shipment han spindles. In contrast to the in Fig. DE DEA1 en Hand held apparatus for simulating two way connectivity for one way data streams. The Adventures of Kid Danger , Fridays at 6:

Give it a try and look just like Sunny from the brand-new series, Sunny Day! Further advantages and features of the invention will become apparent from the following description of an embodiment and the associated drawing. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. In this way attributable to understandable handwritten note of Internet addresses by the user. As if no additional information over the Internet to the relevant television program is available. DSn zugeord neten Fernsehsendung aufrufbar sind; c transmitting.

The indication of the currently bridged TV channel they can for.

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 4: Meet Ciara, the fierce star student who is hiding a colossal secret – she is the royal princess in disguise! As the above-mentioned alphanumeric keypad done. Besonders bevorzugt ist es aber, wenn die Kennzeichnungs einrichtung in eine Fernbedienung integriert ist. Die Kennzeichnung einer Fernsehsendung kann auf unterschiedli che Arten syowview. The operation of the marking device can te about whowview bar provided on the designator Bedienelemen such. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the identification of a television program by specifying a television channel and a time at which the television nummmern is transmitted.

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Information system according to one of claims 9 to 11, as by in that processing by the Kennzeichnungseinrich 12 a plurality of tags of different types for a television program can be generated.

DSn an eine dem Benutzer zuge wiesene Mail-Box 36 sendet. This information may relate, for example, for further reading or discussion gates, where interested viewers themselves can exchange over the Internet. Particularly easy, but it is when the marking device determines that information themselves. The use derarti ger numbers has the advantage that before or after radiation from a television program, it can be clearly identified and easily.

In an alternative embodiment of the invention the marking of a television program by entering a ShowView number is. Dsn on the television 16 is displayed. By means of a search engine provided by the Internet server 24 then he can on the – stuffs an accurate identification of the relevant commercials ermit transmit channel and stored in the tag Flexible, but technically more complicated is a procedural reindeer, known from DE 54 A1.


Senderadressen, ShowView: Senderadressen und ShowView-Leitzahlen – TV SPIELFILM

Each of these internet addresses refers to Internet pages containing additional information on the individual television programs. Informing network users of television programming viewed by other network users. If the user has missed this short period, he must in a complicated Wei se Internet address es in other ways, such. If the user would like to receive additional information through the Internet to a viewed television program, he selects via the mobile telecommunication terminal 62 at a predetermined point where a Datenverbin dung is established to the Internet server 24 by a wireless receiving unit 64th.

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Newer Posts Older Posts Home. It is therefore an object of the invention showvifw provide a method, an informa tion system for implementing the method and to indicate a centra len calculator and a marking means mofie a respective initially mentioned kind, with the Internet addresses which refer to television programs, in a technically simple and user-friendly as can be made available to users of televisions to Ver addition.

Things only get crazier at school when Arc, the cocky new kid, strolls in with a pretty big secret of his own. A method for providing a user of a television set 16 with information on a television program, characterized by the following steps: Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 4! Comment on YouTube and let Nick know which one was your favorite! Information system 10; 60 for providing a user of a television apparatus 16 comprising information to a remote sehsendung, characterized by: Providing additional information re television transmission involves selecting database record relating to transmission using generated identifier and transmitting record to user.

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TV Movie, Game-Show (Sorted by Popularity Descending)

Dsn are the markings KZ1, KZ2. Information system according to one of claims 9 to 12, as by in that the marking device is integrated into a cordless or mobile telecommunication terminal Alternatively, vt user can also type the transmit channel and a transmission time, which is not necessarily to the start time of the shipment han spindles.


Flexibler, aber technisch erheblich aufwendiger ist ein Verfah mivie, das aus der DE 54 A1 bekannt ist. Michael Dante DiMartino looks back at recent developments in the Avatar -verse.

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The Adventures of Kid DangerFridays at 6: The desired additional information can be accessed by first mail box empty and then be loaded by calling the contained internet addresses the relevant pages, for example, then the next day.

The stored Internet addresses can then be example, in a table view, and using a Fernbedie planning to establish an Internet connection to select. The time can also be transmitted via the data cable from the TV 14 or 16 be made available also independently be from one integrated in the marking device 12 AM.

Method and device for displaying automatically internet home page on television screen in cooperation with television program. Alternatively, it is also possible that the signing voltage device in a cordless or mobile telecommunica tion terminal is integrated.

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Users of televisions can access a variety of additional information on broadcast television programs today. Having a sunny, sunny day! KZi linked such that all identifiers that are assigned to the same television program, point to the same record. The method according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that a television program several characteristic drawings KZ For some time-sensitive information showvidw television programs can also be accessed via the Internet.

The marking of a TV program can be done in differing surface types. Catch brand-new episodes of Hunter Street season 2, weeknights at 7: In this way, nummefn user has the option already rend currency sift the television broadcast, the Internet addresses and or display a multiple thereof.

As if no additional information over the Internet to the relevant television program is available. KZn ; c a selection means 28 for selecting a data set DS1.