Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges. Computer readouts are sharper and cleaner, as is the footage frequently seen on the TV monitors. Total Recall was a good film by every measure. You can also get an instant mobile notification with our iPhone- or Android app. Blu-ray From the New World Part 1. Retained from the previous R1 Special Edition DVD is the amusing audio commentary featuring the gregarious, heavily accented and energetic tonsils of director and star. It was recorded in , and goes into detail about the miniatures used in the film, as well as the work that went into the CGI scanner sequence.

But when it comes to actually choosing one release out of the four in my possession to watch the movie, the obvious choice is this new Blu-ray. As you would expect, it can spike a little during the process shots. It’s an obsession he can’t get free off, and he can’t fulfil, as his wife hates the idea of travelling to Mars. But for such a hugely violent and action-packed romp, this mix is somewhat restrained and certainly front-heavy. Blu-ray From the New World Part 1. There are wayward ear and nose hairs on display too, for those who love that sort of thing. If you haven’t upgraded Total Recall to Blu yet, then this is the version to go for. So contrary to all advice, he pays a visit to Rekall, a company that specialises in implanted vacations, memories that are installed in the mind, which are indistinguishable from the real thing.

On the acting front, Schwarzenegger does a good job of carrying what is easily his most complex film as far as story goes. But, in its favour, actual detail within the mix is kltimate good indeed. The trailer for the movie is here and lasts 2 minutes. Dick’s short story, “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”, Total Recall has been described rwkall the thinking man’s action movie, and over twenty years on the description still fits.

From receiving the script to the endless takes with Arnie to cruising around the cinemas to see if his film has, indeed, busted any blocks, this is infectious stuff. You can also suggest completely new similar bpu to Total Recall in the search box below. Blu-ray World on a Wire.


Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K. Blood is never missing from the screen for long … and it is luxuriously thick and dark and nasty Quaid will have to travel to the red planet to find out, but it’s a world of unrest, the greedy Cohaagen works the people to the bone to profit from the mines, while keeping an ancient secret at the heart of the planet covered up. The late Jerry Goldsmith ChinatownOutland composed the film’s soundtrack.

There is no edge enhancement on show, which is immediately beneficial. The soundstage does have some depth to it, picked up especially in the crowd scenes and usually as Quaid is running for his life from Richter doing his Stevie Wonder impersonation.

Except that while his days are spent in the arms of his wife, at night in his dreams, he’s on Mars trekking across the landscape with a sleazy but demure brunette.

Total Recall Blu-ray: Triple Play | Ultimate Rekall Edition (United Kingdom)

The mystery down in the caves and tunnels of the Martian pyramid is muted and infiltrated by grey. He does not quite understand why, but cannot stop dreaming about it. Book Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia: Svet Atanasov on July 7, where this Blu-ray release scored 4. Populated with clips and stills and artwork, this is an absolute blast with the Dutchman on fine, flamboyant and massively over-the-top form. Also on the disc in SD format is the 8-minute Making of featurette that was created for the film’s release back inwhich you will find on the original DVD and the subsequent re-releases.

How to Train Your Dragon: There are wayward ear and nose hairs on display too, for those who love that sort of thing. Special Limited Edition US. Mario KassarAndrew G. But you can simply get off on the wacky accents. The earlier Blu-ray release of Total Recall was trashed for its grainy and downright ugly video transfer, but this time around things are looking crisp and sharp in beautiful p.

You can have your cake and eat it too with this movie.

– Review for Total Recall: Ultimate Rekall Edition

The Interview with Director Paul Verhoeven was recorded inand is a 35 minute, in depth retrospective about the movie. You may have thought that they were going back to the original source material and adapting that afresh, but I’ve seen the trailer now, and it looks almost like a scene for scene remake of the original uptimate, albeit without any of the Mars plot, and with added Minority Report VFX.


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Total Recall Ultimate Rekall Edition Blu-ray Review

Only the most minimal of artefacts pop up, and these do not distract. Z at the Movies: I’d forgotten how awesome the Jerry Goldsmith music was for Total Recall, but the high definition audio gives it a lot more clarity and impact than the DVD.

Do you already have an account? A collection that was on the verge of being deleted, I hastened to purchase it, and it has been on my to-watch pile ever since. It was recorded inand goes into detail about the miniatures used in the film, as well as the work eay went into the CGI scanner sequence.

But the film-like texture of the image is a rekwll boon, the lack of artefacts a pleasing development, and the level of detail highly rewarding. Not a bad selection of the old stuff and the new, but I miss the animated menu ultjmate of the DVD! A lean, mean, twisting-turning SF-thriller that boggles the brain, stimulates the senses and kicks your ass! Picture Total Recall gets a 1. This is a great transfer for both video and audio, and definitely a version worth double dipping in for those who bought the Blu-ray.

Review for Total Recall: Ultimate Rekall Edition

But, to me, this looks very nice and essentially very film-like. In a few weeks, another Paul Verhoeven sci-fi action classic will get recycled on the big screen in the form of Total Recall. Post Comment as a registered user.

When you watched an Arnie movie in the mid-late eighties, you were concerned with action, stunts and more importantly body count. The primaries are bluu saturated and help bestow the film a comic-book appeal.