Please enter your username or email address. Thank you for the recap. Can you die like that, too? That’s just how good the show was. By 0ly40 Started August 8, She goes out to eat some cow, and packs away ten servings. This gives Doo-hong a jolt, both of hope and of dismay at having mucked things up with his misunderstanding. The solution seems simple enough to Mi-ho:

Gu Mi-ho, please be my girlfriend. You weren’t alone on that one. I am glad that the Gumiho hunter’s complexity is being slowly revealed. I am excited, especially because he’s getting to show some emotion and shake the plot up a little, rather than just sit there dripping more sexy all over the drama. It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and counts time all on its own. Before I read your recap I didn’t know about Woong having to die instead of Miho, since I missed that last part. Something to look forward to every Wednesday and Thursday.

Belatedly, he recalls that Mi-ho once left him a voicemail message, and calls the number. Download the latest version here.

Subtitles for Switch Girl!!

Taking a cue from her movie studies, Min-sook tries the femme fatale look and dresses in black leather to invite Doo-hong to lunch. He asked me to disappear. BUT, i don’t want to spoil myself Dong-joo lays out her two options: Cassie August 26, at 3: And now either wants to make it right by helping a gumiho to become human [which is still him dicking around if he doesn’t tell her the whole deal] or he wants to get rid off all the gumihos.


I’m guessing MH isn’t gorl to let DW die, and maybe the gumiho hunter will use his skills to save both of them.

And Daewoong finally realizing that the sun doesn’t shine out of Hye-in’s butt! I bet you rock at Scrabble. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. I definitely have draamcrazy watch it!!!! Thank you for your time.

TV programming turns into drama hour, and Mi-ho is perplexed by the plot: I liked this episode but I think I’m going to love the next one better.

I swear, this episode nearly killed me with its awesomeness. Pronounced Tega like Sega. He starts to sing a song, making up the lyrics as he xramacrazy Which happens in so many dramas. Yup, that is my theory too. In general, I got the feeling that Dae-woong still has a long way to go, as far as character development goes, though he’s admittedly less immature than before. I dont know if LSG can handle if there would be. August 25, at A plaster bust is knocked to the ground, splattering the ground with red paint and making the students gasp in horror.


Subtitles For Switch Girl!!

Even better, I love it when a drama using mythology ups the ante midway through and modifies the rules, keeping us on our toes. Thank you, as always your recaps are wonderful and very well written.

Is it tomorrow yet? I wonder what will happen if Gumiho ends up with the hottie Hunter? Great catch though dodo.

SWEET-HONEYDEW: Jdrama Review: Switch Girl Season 2

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Loving the show, and thanks for pointing out interesting Hong Sister additions that I sometimes miss due to cultural differences.

But when he found out, that he had to die in order for her to become human, he betrayed episodd killed her. I am glad that the Gumiho hunter’s complexity is being slowly revealed.

Omg, if the Hong Sisters give it a ridiculously cute name I am their bitch forever.