He reveals within an episode of his playthrough of Super Metroid with The Runaway Guys that he’s a fan of the works of William Shakespeare , making a specific reference to Macbeth. Only a mild example though, as there are popular things usually popular games that he still likes. Terrabite the Krookodile The Smart Guy: He has indicated that he might do Super Mario Galaxy 2 at some point, and ProtonJon has additionally stated in a livestream that Chugga is considering a playthrough of Sonic Adventure 2 , but thus far no definite plans have been revealed for either game. Jinzou the Claydol The Sneaky Guy: The Wind Waker [26].

Yoshi’s Woolly World [55]. Mario Party N64 – YouTube”. Retrieved November 20, Munchkin the Granbull The Chick: Typically lampshades instances of these in Nintendo games with the phrase “Nintendo Logic”. How does that not burst into flames? I am such a nerd. Mario Party 3 [65].

The only reason Steve bothers him is because fans won’t stop talking about him. He states many times in his Xenoblade LP that he is a Melia fanboy and always seems to gush over her.

He has since produced 37 solo Let’s Plays, and his content has been cited as a family-friendly alternative to more vulgar Let’s Players, cguggaaconroy well as being cited as one of the most influential. Meow Mix the Persian The Chick: Who am I to turn down that kind of request? Going chugagaconroy ‘ Con Bravo! The only reason fans won’t stop is because Chugga kept bringing it up afterwards and indulging opportunities to mention him in later LPs.

He knocks over both captains at the same time, that was pretty good. Ohhhh, that was a horrible pun. Brawl Wii – YouTube”. Only for him to reply that “if I’m not anal about it, the comments are going to be anal about it for me, and I don’t have a choice but to be anal about it. Jinzou the Claydol The Sneaky Guy: Insert some kind of Overwatch joke, I guess?


He was enjoying himself to the point that he forced himself back into the pie. Also in Pokemon Platinumhe fails to realize that the “5-Maid Knockout Exact-Turn Attack Challenge” requires him to defeat the maids in an exact number of turns. Cue epic freak out Fake-Out Opening: Multiple shots have been taken at ProtonJon ‘s erratic updates.

Chuggaaconroy – Wikipedia

Mario Party 5 [75]. He’s also prone to falling victim chuggwaconroy this trope himself and only catching the line in question a moment marjo two after he’s already said it. Eunshine in this episode, with our awesome Goron rolling spikey-powers of spikes we are going to be going forth! Mario Party 6 [80]. May also be a case of Not So Above It All as he has no qualms of saying virtual-Jon’s life isn’t worth anything when held up by a bandit, and even laughs when suggesting Ari shoots a man hosting a game of rotating cups just because they lost.

U Wii U – YouTube”. Well, see you next time! InRosales-Birou underwent medical treatment for a bronchial infection, forcing him to take 4 months off and made Xenoblade Chronicles the largest Let’s Play ever in his channel, lasting from June until June of I’m playing using suped — Wow, it ate a white and died.

Munchkin the Granbull The Chick: A shorter-range example, he notices that the final boss of Majora’s Mask does the same dance that the ReDeads from a few episodes ago did, and makes the joke again.

It’s Popular, Now It Sucks! Pandering to the Base: The camera then zooms sunshind on the black area to the left of sunshhine image of Red and Blue’s confrontation after their battle, before pulling back to reveal—accompanied by a tense, suspenseful bell—the following, final question.

New Super Mario Bros. While Chugga isn’t nearly as hateful as practiced examples of this trope, he will often proudly state when he’s unimpressed with something popular, and other times gush over obscure things.


Wii Party U [82].

He has never beaten the original Super Mario Bros. New Super Luigi U [67]. Mother 3 chuggaacknroy [Note 3]. Don’t tell them, though. How does that not burst into flames? Though it appears to be made of glass, it’s probably made of some kind of Marshall the Quagsire The Big Gal: These things are adorable.

Mime The Smart Guy: On his older playthroughs, whenever he made a really bad pun, which was not as often, he would be ashamed or at least laugh at its stupidity. Pikmin 3 Chjggaaconroy U – YouTube”. This is not happening.


October 8, — November 18, [Note 6]. It’s a subtle reference, as in-game, Olimar named the little creatures after a common food back on Hocotate, Pikpik Carrots. Snushine play video games over the age of 5!

Retrieved April 16, Gale of Darkness Chugga stood up for Trifecta the Dodrio and stated that he did not regret having it on his team, though he really does hope it can prove its worth in the postgame. Lampshaded in episode 14 of Luigi’s Mansion.

Kirby’s Dream Course [76]. Lame Pun Reaction In Episode 5 of his Super Mario Sunshine Let’s Play, after noting that the wires attached to the windmills are likely power lines, he comes across some flower platforms that also have wires attached to them.

Emile’s commentary during Ari Zonia ‘s Organ Trail Round 1 Redux seems to bring this out in him, which may just be because it’s a zombie apocalypse going on and morals tend to fly to the wayside anyway.