Sign up for free! Have we—Have we mentioned the title of this movie? It was the only podcast to regularly feature guest stars. The show often features community members as “fan experts” on video game titles, and it is the only other podcast on the site that has accompanying video reviews as well. Unlike the film reviews, which are created in a cartoon style, the video game reviews are created in a pixel art style, similar to a bit console game. They are as follows:. However, in recent reviews his rating is listed, but the newer reviews do not have pictures of the critic above the rating. However, in the late afternoon of December 20, , hollywood.

Well, I had to do some American Pie math here. There was nothing going on It was also the only podcast that seems to be subject to any level of editing. These stories are typically collected by Cyrus and pulled from the areas of movies, television and video games. Traditionally, this is the longest of the Spill podcasts, with no set length. First episode to be a guest, and he went really prepared I think her name was Breasty Mchotpants. At the end of each review, the critics give their ratings.

Their video reviews have become private on both of their YouTube channels, but a selection of their most recent ones can still be viewed under Hollywood.

Jack the Giant Slayer – SPILL AUDIO REVIEW

Which he would do from that point on. What’s this girl’s name I’m looking for right here?


Forgot your username or password? Retrieved December 19, Drumiester Drumiester 6 years ago 4 Yeah I’ve been watching their reviews for a spillfom years now. Also, most weekdays The Loading Bar posted “Happy Hour” videos, which are video playthroughs of the first hour of a current or classic video game.

There were four main film critics on Spill. The recording of the audio portion of the show is sometimes posted later in the week as its own podcast so even those who missed the live show can listen to it.

It’s amazing to hear someone else voice my righteous anger. Yeah I’ve been watching their reviews for a few years now.

Movies you like that others hate. Wow, you really embrace it.

Wanted Movie Review from – video dailymotion

Reviews usually included two or more of the critics, though some included Korey on his own. To date, Co-Host does not have a rating card due to the current redesign the site and characters are undergoing. The podcast is a spinoff of A Couple of Cold Ones. The site went through major changes on May 23, as a moive of 34 parent company – hollywood.

It sometimes runs approximately three or even four hours.

As of December 21,Little Fockers became the first film to receive a collective rating of “Fuck you! The show would normally only take place during the airings of a television show such as Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead. At the end movke the Tuesday podcast Cyrus gives an overview of the week’s home releases.


Commonly assumed to be a standard 5-star system, the Spill. The show’s style is similar to that of LDT, but runs on more fan driven discussion. The Daily Spill runs Monday through Thursday. The show is broadcast live on the website, typically on Saturday afternoons. It has not been done in years, but was never officially cancelled. I can’t believe I’ve never been to this site. Previous shows included a live-animated video kovie that accompanied the audio, but the current show is audio only.

Salisbury is a piece of shit, on the other hand. The Spill Crew usually withholds this rating, only awarding it to a movie that they find flawless or exceptionally outstanding. The film has little redeeming value, regardless of its audience. The thing about me and Harris is that I absolutely think Harris is one of the moviie people I’ve met movle my fucking life Have we—Have we mentioned the title of this movie?

Wanted Movie Review from Spill.com

Some of the fired crew members have gone on to continue posting content on sites like Rage Select and One Of Us. Spliced in between these discussions were skits that parodied popular movies and current topics. The revision of the site was dubbed ” Phase Two ” by Korey.