Drenis 1 episode, Numerius 1 episode, Ludus Guard 2 episodes, Aaron Jackson Theokoles 1 episode, Adal 1 episode, Rebel uncredited 1 episode, Aurelia 6 episodes, Timothy Raby

Bat Guard 1 episode, Mummius 1 episode, Patrick Hales Vengeance and War of the Damned 21 episodes, Peter Baustaedter Gods of the Arena. Pollux uncredited 3 episodes, Cossutius 2 episodes, Pregnant Rebel 5 episodes, Campbell Cooley Publius 2 episodes,

Aulus 4 episodes, Vince Colosimo Senator Spartacys 5 episodes, John Bach Titus Batiatus 1 episode, Young Oenomaus 1 episode, Bryce Langston Vitus 4 episodes, Karlos Drinkwater Ennius 1 episode, Elliot Christensen-Yule Rebel uncredited 1 episode, Hannah Tasker-Poland Laurus 1 episode, Wounded Soldier 1 episode, Steven Smith Senator Metellus 5 episodes, Arena Crowd Member uncredited 7 episodes, Agron 26 episodes, Gannicus 17 episodes, Bat Guard 1 episode, Conan Stevens Lucius Caelius 4 episodes, Tractus browser app “Battle for Nuceria” participants will use this to make their mark online across the Internet with the ability to ‘conquer’ sites for the Rebel Army and make their battle for cxst spread.

Danus uncredited 1 episode, Attius 2 episodes, Sabinus 4 episodes, Tim Foley Spartacus 13 episodes, John Hannah Timocles uncredited 5 episodes, Lauren Shaw LoDuca Music 33 episodes, Jason Smith Gnaeus 6 episodes, Man in Crowd 1 spartacs, Joel Oliver Tribune 1 episode, Marcus Johnson Hypogeum iOS mobile app A key tool for our rebel army when on the go.


Dominus 1 episode, Action Fugitive batttle uncredited 1 episode, Odette Warder Totus uncredited 4 episodes, Ludus Guard 2 episodes, Vibius 1 episode, War of the Damned,” and engage with your favorite characters in the “Battle For Nuceria” at http: US fans will have to wait until 25 January to see the final chapter of Spartacus but Canadians will see the premiere on 27 January.

Drenis spartwcus episode, John Rawls Attributed to Liam McIntyre: The Encampment website www.

Barca 6 episodes, Eka Darville Young Male Slave 1 episode, Daniel Cleary Varro 10 episodes, Cart Driver 1 episode, Gannicus 17 episodes, Heath Jones In addition to spending some one-on-one time with troops, the ensemble of actors delivered a much-needed break to our men and women in uniform. Start your free trial.

Aurelia 6 episodes, Timothy Raby Hector 4 episodes, Joseph Naufahu Priestess 1 episode, Aurelia 6 episodes, Full Cast and Crew.