Mustaqeem had come to an understanding about his life and Haji Sahab now only wanted what was best for his son and would not heed to his daughters wishes. Yes No Report this. The other side, seeing the change Mustaqeem, I noticed Mann Pyasa — Episode — 28 — November 7, D I loved that! That point hit me as well.

His portrayal has a Strict typical anna parast father who was peeled slowly to us in each episode, brilliantly written, directed and more so acted and portrayed by Firdous Jamal and honestly next to Mustaqeem he is also one of my favourite characters in the serial. She is the one who raised him to be innocent. The end was kind of incomplete. But it was not easy to go against the decision of his father in front of everyone and embarrass her father like this. I honestly think it should reappear on Hum TV and watch the rating shoot up like no tomorrow. Who was your favorite character Maria?

Today was such an emotional episode! I am excited to see how the story unfolds further.

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And yes, Hajji Sahab deep inside his heart wanted the best for his children. Yup, like Maria said, please do share your feelings about your journey with Sirat-e-Mustaqeem: His simplicity, revieq, and compassion towards whoever he met was rewarded in a way that he never would have imagined.

Mustaqeem running to the same music that kick started off the story, down at the train station and looking at Mehjabeen, it tied the end to the beginning really nicely.


Mann Pyasa — Episode — 29 — November 14…. The way he “saved” her from her obnoxious husband, cared for her during her last days resulting in her not only loving mustaqeem but respecting him too.

I watched Sirat Mustaqeem -e- for the past few weeks even though I did not consider it. Cyber Security Wing to curb emerging terrorism threats. Mann Pyasa — Episode — 29 — November 14…. Despite the fact that he is a man he is he is still innocent person unlike his cousin, who secretly goes out with girls and lies to get Mustaqeem in trouble. You have entered an incorrect email address! Full Cast and Crew.

Despite the fact that his father Firdous Jamal is a very religious and strict man and tries to stop him, he always does what he wants. Refiew was kind of hoping that he would realize what his father was trying to tell him. What is Operating System.

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Finally, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the episode today Sirat -e- Mustaqeem! I think that anyone who watches this will fall in love with it.

In these circumstances, going to them and asking them to buy Batool book of her sister, I did not like it. Mustaqeem obviously feels jealous at times because of how his father treats him and always says nice things about Rufi. Everyone did such an amazing job. I really liked it. Mattel Alpha Training Blue.


Mustaqeem’s journey, from an irresponsible, impulsive person to a mature, thoughtful man was beautiful and portrayed with utmost brilliance by Sami.

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Also, I wanted to see if Mustaqeem left modelling or not. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the story. Mustaqeem had finally found his path in the world The last episode however never satisfied me. He does so much for them, but the sisters do not care about it at all.

Rufi and Abida both are busy Sigat, the time has come.

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He saved Mustaqeem from falling into the same fate trap he had been for a long time. Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights. I surat think it should reappear on Hum TV and watch the rating shoot up like no tomorrow.

The story has just begun but I like it a lot. Again a lot has happened. Mustaqeem Sami Khan is shown as a very light-hearted and human “Awaara”. All I can say is: