He also leaves Yoo Hee with some advice to heed for everday interactions: I hope you go on writing your summaries. If Joon Ha stop seeing his daughter he would fund Joon Ha’s studies abroad. Witch Amusement is getting better and better! May you retire from the airwaves in peace, to rest and frolic giddily in drama heaven. Joon Ha invites her to dinner where Yoo Hee’s feelings for him grow. She should just get with Johnny already though, but I’m sure that is what will happen. Episode 5 by TeriYaki.

He swerves to avoid rear-ending a car, and instead spins out and gets hit by another oncoming vehicle…. It’s pretty to look at but not quite so in the noggin. Yoo Hee demands the money for the damage to her car to be paid within a week. For some period they seem to have a good and honest relationship. Witnessing the negative reaction to her presence, Yoo Hee offers to leave, but Mu-ryong holds her back. She invites him to a drink and she asks if they can date but he walks out on her because he has made a deal with her father, just like before. I enjoy reading your write-up more than watching the show. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

They exchange insurance information and Yoo Hee learns that he lied to her on their date, realizing that he is 1 year younger than her, and that he met her only as a favor to a friend. Hehe, Jae Hee is hot! Sarcasm at its best.

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I guess he has some telepathy gift. In preparation, Mu-ryong gives Yoo Hee some more pointers. Well, I suppose a lot can happen in a week. Her hairstyle and glasses are very business like looks, her only enjoyment in life appears to ths the times when she’s criticizing everything and anyone.


Johnny once again tells him to go, and to apply his time to improving his skills. What we’re watching by DB Staff.

But then, Mu-ryong plucks up his courage for his real favor: It’s pretty to look at but not quite so in the noggin. D I was also reading your summaries for QSS but although i enjoy reading them very much, i stopped reading them up to by episode 9 because i decided the drama is too good for me to get myself ahead of the subtitles and spoil it for myself Recognizing her, Joon Ha follows, causing Yoo Hee to panic and keep running away.

What were the screenwriters on? Reading your blogs gave me the prefect excuse to take a break from studying. She hears her father from behind the curtain telling Joon Ha to give up the hospital before Yoo Hee gets suspicious and to not mess up this time.

Yoo Hee decides that Mu-Ryong could repay her by working as her house keeper, since she continuously loses her previous keepers.

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I am never disappointed – well unless I check more than once a day. Speaking banmal to anyone who’s an adult; children are different before you know them well is considered very rude.

The engagement episdoe wedding is back on even though it is clear that she does not love him nor does he. But I was just wondering if that also applies when you speak to someone who is “in a lower order” from you, but older than you?

But she goes yuuhee anyway. And you had several. If they honestly have nowhere to go but the streets, they might as well stay at the restaurant.

What we’re watching by DB Staff. She sees him at a college reunion but is completely embarrassed when her friend Sae Ra pulls down her skirt and Huhee Hee is wearing Minnie Mouse boxers. This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat I say this every time i comment on your page but i cant help wanting to let you know what an excellent writer witc are. If Joon Ha stop seeing his daughter he would fund Joon Ha’s studies abroad. He is so meant to be a star. Except probably more eloquently. I’ve sort of given up on korean dramas, but out of complete and utter boredom, with nothing else left to watch, started watching Witch Amusement and after about 2 episodes, couldn’t take it winopsis Except, not so much.


Also her first love Yoo Joon Ha comes back from studying abroad and is now a renowned doctor. Retrieved from ” https: Still, I enjoyed watching you.

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YH knows she is late at the airport. Reading these lovely comments makes me enjoy blogging more, and put more effort into making them as entertaining as I can.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Eisode decides to use his school tuition, which was given to him by his parents, to pay for her car. At the store, Yoo Hee packs the cart haphazardly with random goods, prompting Mu-ryong to object to her bad choices, like ramen and packaged snacks.

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