But on the other.. This is the first Sanlih drama that has overseas filming. I really don’t know. She even rejects his offering to start all over and be friends so that they can get to know each other better. She has been writing to him in the slammer for years, and all he does is rip up her love letters. Yes, I also went WTF a billion times at the screen, and then had to laugh at the absurdity of this all. Also, I beg to differ. I recently finished marathoning Why why love because of Mike He.

The first was after they made up and Shin talked about a celebration. Nessa Rubette Orito June 28, at Yong Yong decides that she needs to tell Yun Jie. Jae-yi is distracted by hate messages while reading her new script. What is this intangible thing that makes us root for Hyun-moo?? We should just sit back and enjoy the show instead of thinking who is first, second, third lead etc Did I miss any ep or wat..?

Refresh Man Episode 12 Recap

That’s okay, Na-moo, we know you’re using your powers for good! He has so so so gentle looking eyes and naturally cute mannerism which makes him very endearing. She hangs up, and Yun Jie lets out this hurrah on his end of the line. Gum Granny – so she wasn’t embellishing when she called Chil-sung her son in the hospital.

It was overall okay, but it was just way too long. It seems like Dad could have escaped whenever he wanted, but seeing his Na-moo smiling at the Chief when he only had contempt for him pushed Yoon Hee-jae over the edge; not to mention Do-jin’s relationship with Jae-yi. She tells Yun Chao that she left the amusement park crying that day, and he apologizes for what he did, and missed out on having a good friend like her.

March 14, at 5: For this drama — parting is such sweet sorrow!

I can just imagine you sitting and watching and yelling at the characters. The bye bye beach scene is one of the best scene, u can see in Yun Jie the pain,sadness when Yong Yong said those words to him.


I teared up when YY deletes the message one character at a time. Shi De brings a wedding dress to Yi Ru and they get married. She just wants to live her life peacefully, do some writing at home. I teared up when YY deletes the message one character at a time.

I do love that fact that Yun Chao knows the truth, because ultimately Yong Yong and Yun Jie cannot become a real couple until their relationship starts on a fresh foundation of love without any exchanges or contracts. Xiao Nian is on the carousel, and Yun Chao and Yong Yong discuss how things would be different had they met that day at the amusement park.

They discuss how they each had penpals, and both actually used the same magazine to find their penpal. Meanwhile Hyun-moo is nice and trying hard to be bad and getting all torn up about it. Meanwhile, double-orphan Gil Moo-won is drowning in guilt for killing his biological parents’ murderer in self-defense, as well as survivor’s guilt towards both sets of dead parents.

His attacks mainly succeed because his targets are drunk, distracted by their handphones, or are situationally clueless.

ItsMeDF June 17, at 8: Do-jin’s ability to channel Psycho Dad may help him extract information from his deluded acolytes. We are at the place where the writer wants us to be with his character.

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Also the general watcher consensus minus me apparently was to hate Do Han, and I don’t see anyone hating Do Jin. The first was after they made up and Shin talked about a celebration. Astro Quan Jia HD. Hiding her condition from him preserves what little dignity she has left. Reporter Park died but another psycho appeared.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Yun Jie asks why Wan Lan kept her condition a secret from him. They also conclude that sinopsls two are working separately. I haven’t watched drama for maybe 10 years because of that.


Also, remember last week when Nak-won staaaaared at Na-moo while he dunny panicking in the amusement park? The best part was when they were starting to fall for each other,but when they finally confessed their love,they ended up separated because of the King’s decision. Hyun-moo tries to alienate himself from everyone except Dad, from whom he fruitlessly attempts to earn recognition, if not love.

Yun Chao hilariously purposely smears ice-cream on his face and points it out to her. I Love You So Much.

I refuse to take sides! I know why chae-kyung is leaving but why and where is shin going?! Even though i hated that reporter i still feel she deserved better than being hammered to episdoe. Dude, you so lost your chance with her, Yun Chao. And how confidently he said to the other two that he’ll save himself and help Poong and Sae-woo if all of them were drowned. Wan Sinopsos chimes in through the intercom, asking Yun Jie to please leave.

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SH, on the other hand, is like the most charming of old friends. Taiwanese drama television series Sanlih E-Television shows Eastern Television shows Sunhy television series debuts Taiwanese television series endings Taiwanese romance television series Screenplays by Ding-yu Xie. March 14, at 3: He is a fanatic willing to kill, and a bit better at it than Hyun-moo. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I love that, if you can call Jang Hyuk the second lead, he isn’t doing normal second lead things like being the annoying person in eipsode way.

How precious they are