I feel like the writer meant for this to air more episodes and was cut off after 20 due to the horrible direction it went. Is there a hero here? Also, Il-gook seems to be enjoying his friends discomfort. Whatever, I just wanted to see my Yuri. Anonymous October 19, at 1: He needed it from the start. I will personally kick him to death. This drama would have been a knock off but instead they just turned it into a first class crap.

In the Departed, it was tragic, but brilliant. Eun Chae adalah puteri dari pejabat pemerintah yang walaupun seorang nona bangsawan namun berempati terhadap rakyat miskin. I think that the writer just want to wrap up things in the end. What if, over time, she marries JH and falls in love with him, and he falls in love with someone else…. Anonymous January 14, at 6: Idiotic is putting it mildly!

On my mind, there should be a pashion king 2. When Young-gul suffers abandonment he becomes ruthless. Or the waffling back and forth between difficult emotions. Maybe he was a little bit too pushy with Ga Young, but he peisode a lot and helped her a lot to be met by her ungrateful attitude.

SINOPSIS Fashion King Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Until I read your recap, your alternate endings totally cracked me up! Pretty powerful real, no nonsense stuff. The films you mentioned did.


Jae-hyuk leads her to the car and they laugh their way into traffic. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. The ending script had already been decided while filmimg new york yang gul hairstyle.

Then, dad turns on his son again. Anonymous March 29, at I think this is the 2nd drama that has the worst ending after I watch Memories of Bali. Also, eppisode drama would have been so much better if they exploited the fact that Ga Young had been rich and treated as a princess when she was a kid.

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

I said as much in my terahir for both dramas. The writer just reminded us that YoungGul felt betrayed once again that every important person in his life had to leave him. As I said…awful, awful ending.

I guess we can talk about that first. The ahjummas are flipping out and wondering where Young-gul is at this time of crisis. I knew the ending would be crap no matter what happens because the entire drama so far has been crap, but I never knew that the ending could get even shittier than I expected.

After googling, I come to find out it was the same screenwriter. Anna and YG are mainly running terakuir money. That ending though…obviously it was done for pure shock value.


Especially with three of my favorite actors! Really pisses me off! Anonymous October 28, at 1: Go Soo Hee Supporting Cast. At any rate, this drama is finally done so we can finally put this behind us. The writer really distorted her character here.

Eventhough it is a melodrama, the writers went too far in making it a tragedy. Jae-hyuk tells her to hurry and finish packing so they can eat. I wasted 20 hours. Yes he was nice fawhion her overall but he was borderline abusive too.

He drags her into a room and shoves her against the wall. If I may wish to have the fashion king 2. Revenge is senseless — YG 3. Find another school besides NSF.

She stops him with a request: