Kwak Ki Won Produser: The two bicker back and forth until interrupted by the headmaster, who has clearly had to deal frequently with their bickering at every turn. He refuses to sit around poring over a riddle and chose to get physical instead. From now on, I plan to be your enemy. Retrieved 10 April And that last screencap with Yoon-hee’s ridiculously cute face Jeongjo would then have had the power to implement even the most radical policies, keeping in mind that even the visionary Jeongjo was a man of his times. Jung Hye Mi Supporting Cast.

I assume everything will be resolved by the end of the drama. I want at least 20 minutes worth of bloopers! I want to address the issue of there possibly being a second season to SKK Scandal. Minister Lee blames Minister Ha for ruining everything, and he says curtly and with finality that their children will never marry. The Yongha-Jaeshin moments are pure gold, the Jaeshin-Sunjoon moments are cute, and all their moments with Yoonhee are It’s pulled me out of lurkerdom and into the light.

Thanks for the recaps I would have really loved to see what would have happened to chosun and Insoo and even his sister! I love her so much!! Just reading these recaps and comments puts the biggest smile on my face still! THE Gu Yong-ha has finally gone from spectator on the sidelines to active participant.

Here is the link: They kept me going during the few weeks I couldn’t see the show personally and always made me laugh. Is it one of the best dramas of ? Everyone’s trying to find, catch, or take out somebody– sort of like in the game of chess.

Maybe I need to watch it when I’m less stressed. Autumn November 5, at 7: He has absolutely keen observation skills, a glib tongue, and a damn big social network. But all Professor Jung can do is kneel and take full responsibility for Yoon-hee.


Sinopsis ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ All Episodes

Retrieved 10 April Jae-shin jumps into the rumble literally with a slightly barbed yet begrudging compliment for In-soo: Is that why, Sun-joon questions with brimming tears, his father sacrificed sacndal late Professor Kim Seung-hun and the late Moon Young-shin and destroyed the geumdeungjisa? November 5, at 2: Thanks for passing it along! Hope to see everyone on the open thread tomorrow!!! Monday and Tuesday I loved all the episodes and like all things, there always an ending Well, actually it’s not just SunJoon, but the other main characters as well.

Koreandramalover, just want to let you know before this thread will be gone from the main page. Professor Jung acknowledges that Western Learning teaches that all people, no matter what gender, are noble and valuable.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 20 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I also found interesting that SKKS chose to depict this Jeongjo sunfkyunkwan having died of prematurely of natural causes, since his sudden death still remains a subject of historical debate.

What follows is a drinking session for our Jal-geum Quartet.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. Fortunately for him, Yong-ha and Jae-shin are there for him. There, she must bear with the endless mischief of upperclassman Gu Yong-ha Song Joong-kiput up with the constant mood swings of roommate Moon Jae-shin Scaandal Ah-inavoid getting in trouble with the strict student body president Ha In-soo Jun Tae-sookeep her secret from being discovered, all the while trying to hold her growing feelings for Lee Sun-joon at bay.

Yong-ha is the smartest one coz he can read from one’s actions When he came sinopsos back still like his mind focused on finding the corrupt guard he still didn’t say he was sorry that’s why the guy pop him and the others jumped in. That, at the least, there wouldn’t be moms like Yoonhee’s mom and my mom at times still who go around saying education is poison to girls.


I’m so sad that it ended! Jung Hye Mi Supporting Cast. That would keep the narrative tight as well as retain the essence of the series.

Episode 19

A couple clarifications – this is what I get for writing when I should be enjoying the last hours of a good night’s sleep. I understand now why my son values you. I loved that bit of dialogue, kilmenyannethanks for quoting it and I also a sucker for back-hugs.

This is serious; meeting her mother is the first step in getting married. There is one more – in fact, THE – reason why Jeongjo, the real life Jeongjo, made the relocation sungkyunkwwan the capital from Hanyang to Hwaseong his ultimate goal.

This drama had hit the sweet spot. You guys are great. I too look forward to continue reading your comments in future drama recaps and hope to be awed by your cerebral thoughts and insights all over again Thank you very much Sun-joon explains that he thought it best if she knew, and Yoon-hee distractedly gathers her books and tries to leave.

They find out that Sun-joon has been searching for Yoon Cham-gun.

If there is to be a continuation of some sort, I vote for a movie.