Mara wanted to make sure that her parents – the Del Valle are doing fine. Will Clara go to Mara’s burial and repent with all of her sins? Mara confronted Clara about this and Clara denies it. With this, Lupe asks Clara why she is disturbed and is acting strange. Susan David Mylene Dizon then stopped both Mara and Clara from arguing since it can not help them find out to where Gary have brought Alvira. Is this a new commotion for the Del Valle? Carlotta did not want to do this and so she asked Derrick Gonzales Diego Loyzaga to be the one doing this. Mara’s death still remains to be questioned.

On the other hand, Gary is spying on Alvira because he wants to know where Alvira is going and what are the things that she has been doing. Because of her talk to Mr. Alvira volunteered to look after Amante for the night because they also have a lot of things to talk to. Watch out for more of this episode. With this incident, will Alvira and Amante finally decide to let Clara be the replacement of Mara for them to save both Mara and Clara’s life? Gary then tells Clara that he have looked anywhere but it seems he can’t find her mother – Lupe. But she was not successful because Susan gave a heart warming speech that inspired a lot of parents.

So with Mara around, Virginia is worried for Mara’s parents. When Amante was not around, Alvira was worried on where he went.

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Mara can not believe that it was Christian who have saved her life from that incident. Alvira did not like the idea but as a respect, Mara and Susan went with them. Yaya Vonnel “Mamang” Tia Pusit then asked Amante on what will be his plan in order for him to protect Alvira and putgi her stay away from Gary.


Clara won’t stop making a scene to let Mara stay away from her family. Alvira then went outside to relax herself from being so worried and suddenly she saw Gary David Jhong Hilario who is outside staring at her. Alvira then thought that Mara is afraid to go out yet because puti life is in danger. Sesat Karena Harta Oh Ternyata: Mara insulted Gary telling him that after his cruel doings, Mara is sure that Duyyng is going to hell soon. Carlotta is so pissed about this news since she still ,nctv accept both Susan and Mara in their family.

The day after, Gary was bailed out of Prison with the help of his daughter – Clara. Gary is very happy and thanked her mother – Lupe for hiding the money in which he is still the one that got this. On the other hand, Gary is still hiding from the police and from everybody.

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So now that Alvira is doing her way to prove that Gary might be the suspect,what else can Alvira do to know about the truth? Mamang is not going to trust Gary because she knew that Gary is the worst man ever. Lupe then asked both Susan and Mara to bring her because she wants to go with them. Susan then tells Clara not to speak out anymore and just admit the things that she have done. Clara David Julia Montes did not want Gary’s pressence and over reacting thoughts.

And as for Mara, when they met at eplsode with Clara, she epiode her that once she is going to hurt her again then she will fight back. Mara is very happy with Susan’s visit because she have missed her foster mother already. With Mara’s condition, will she ever be okay again? Clara is eager to win Christian’s heart since she knew that Mara is still Christian’s love. The kidnappers used chains for both Mara and Clara not to have a chance of escaping again.


How will Mara and Christian escape from the room that is being locked by Clara? Susan and Mara then tells Gary that they were just lying to him in the past because he is a very bad person and that they don’t want the child to know him. So with Lupe following Gary,will she finally see that Cristina is with Gary?

Amante,still in prison can’t do anything about it and so he asks Alvira Del Valle’s Dimples Romana help. The next day, Gary is ready to go to the court hearing and face the Del Valle family again. Mara then asked Clara if she ever knew to where her father – Gary is hiding Mara’s mother – Alvira.

Gary called Clara again telling her that he have finally brought a ticket for them to stay away and live a new life together.

Mara is so mad at Christian for the surprise episde she did not expect to see Christian again and she is still disappointed with him. Clara went to the hospital also to check on Mara and Derrick.

Gary then went to Alvira’s house drunk and is happy telling her that finally they are both free. Will everybody accept this fact?

When Clara tried to bring Mara to the hospital, Mara got her chance in escaping.