You can touch me like this. Sakaki Kuuya Release date: Track 5 – Sweet dreams Just keep nodding off like that. How silly, your adult personality. Touching me all of a sudden.. Also, I was worried about the mic itself at first, but the story does have a very realistic feel to it. This site uses cookies. In a certain place, there was a butterfly with very beautiful wings.

Is there something on my face? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Also, the second half??? I said something weird. Then, she looked at the gardener with shining eyes. There are some parts of his personality that change, so please listen for that as well.

What are you waiting for? But in seriousness, it got through, right, being immersed in this difficult thing? However, one day, the moon and sun disappeared from the world the butterfly lived in. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hopefully next update will make it easier. This story is really nice. I want to hold hands with you and go to a lot of places. So… just give me a little time….

About delicious necter, a river it liked, its wings it loved so much. I trnaslation planning on letting you go to sleep—sorry. There are some parts of his personality that change, so please listen for that as well. I always think about this kind of dummy head variety, but I really do like dummy head recording. Dear teanslation fans and boy fans, if anyThe developer just told me that the app with English support will be available!!!!!!!!!


Shukan Soine 11 (Translation) – 2d >>>> 3d

Have you ever… thought of that? Cu— Stop saying things like that!

This should be fine, right? You speak so smoothly during presentation meetings shuksn. I never knew that I had this kind of desire to monopolize.

The back is always the best. C’mon, if you move around so much—.

Shukan Soine Vol. 1 Kakeru

His heart, closed off for ten years, began to open thanks to her kindness. Gosh, I want to translate them all at this point, no no no.

Do you wanna try it out? Ok, next is Jin. Ah, sorry, one more. Ah, yeah, so it does matter. When morning comes, could you kiss me before I wake up?

I went all out for that part. Recently, when I read lines with the dummy head, using it has been successful.

So—stay close to me. And then, if we hold hands like this, you can feel me even with your eyes closed. I got all 60 lines from Kakeru, heheh, well, he is vol. C’mon, you too— Just be quiet in my arms for a little longer. So not confident about this next part, sorry! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Then, this time is from me— Good morning.


Shukan Soine CD Series | honey bunny mine 🙂

She gently said, ‘My stay at the castle was short, but fun. But, sleeping so relaxed like this means you trust me, right? He became more and more spoiled as he grew, and thus became unable to love. I want to head towards a real happy ending with you. So, let me off with this. Did you cut your bangs? When I met you, I was desperate to get my bar going. And lastly, please give a message as Kakeru—oh! That was a lie. Last is here, a kiss on your lips. Because I met the moon like the butterfly did.


For example, if I do this. Among them, woine princess loved most the flowers that bloomed in the castle garden and the bright-colored robin that would come there.

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