Il Gattopardo was almost as long, and much slower in pace. It’s nice to hear the background of the films you liked. Hath pakad ke bitha liyaa kisi ne juwa khelane. Oh, he gambles does he? And then all hell breaks loose as Basanti lets him gives him a tidy earful. But I think now it is high time that I watch the film as well. Anu Warrier 22 May at I picked up Anupama Chopra’s book this time when I was in India.

Anu Warrier 15 October at This video and mp3 song of Kejriwal vs sholey ki mausi is published by Kavyagram – Yogesh Mishra on 31 Mar Film sholay best scene jay convincing basanti s mausi for basanti veeru s marriage This video and mp3 song of Film sholay best scene jay convincing basanti s mausi for basanti veeru s marriage is published by Avijit Roy Films – ARF on 09 Apr Thought you might like to know that “Garden of Evil” starring Gary Cooper was one of the main inspirations for Sholay. A Russian roulette, and absolute cold-bloodedness. No one can set through it any more.

You see, he loses at cards.

Narendra Shllay says ease of doing business ranking slipped during UPA rule Deletion of 30 lakh voter names in Telangana: Your account has been verified. Not often; only when he gets drunk. And not just because Dharmendra is in top form here with his comic timing, but because his dialogue monologue was spot-on; also because the dialogue between a naive villager and his slightly better informed compatriot yeh soocaide kya hota hai?

Most of his works would be world class cinema if he used a real editor. Ramesh Sippy wanted to sign Shatrughan Sinha, but Amitabh lobbied hard for the role, including asking Dharmendra to put in dislogues good word for him. Social Media Stalkers’ Guide. What’s the boarding school thinking of?


Adhe idhar jayo … adhe idhar jayo … aur baaki hamare saath aao. Aholay dusty, barren land, the horses galloping beside the train, the long shots that showed you the grandeur of the dusty plains and steep ravines. As he lies wounded, they are the ones who fight dialoues the dacoits fall back.

Yeh dosti was such a cult song at that time that it was regarded as the highest sign of friendship that you sang it with your friend in our school for years. Basically, the ‘Westerns’ as made famous by Sergio Leone Javed says in the book that Gabbar was based more on the Mexican bandits diaolgues a dacoit and of course, The Magnificent Seven.

This is quite a nice twist to the film Anu, kudos to you for finding a newer way of presenting a film that has literally been talked to death about! Yeh Ramgarh waale apni vialogues ko kaun chakki ka pisa aata khilate hain re. We have huge collection of unlimited Sholay dialogue of jay and mausi ji ‘s songs.

Please enable them to sign in. You can check some great dialogues of Sholay on Filmy Keeday.

All Famous Hit Dialogues of Sholay and You will Love Them

I was seven when I saw it. The fact that a multi-starrer mwusi such well-etched roles for everybody was a surprise, though. And almost decided to go down to Ramnagara Karnataka on Sunday to shoot an alternate ending where Jai would live, and settle down with Radha. It has a very touching excerpt on Amjad Khan, whose first film unbelievably!

Dharmendra is a reformed crook; he flips a coin to decide his fate; he has, as a mentor, a man who’s a cripple rialogues with only one arm gone, not both. Her non-stop chatter, and her independence made her a unique dialohues in the annals of Hindi cinema. Sholay is frankly too long, the story too derivative of 7 Samuri and Butch and Sundance ,the super fake Taaker’s arms! Gabbar Singh attacks right in the middle of the Holi celebrations.


This often-misquoted dialogue entered popular culture thanks to Rahim Chacha, played by the winsome AK Hangal. So much so, when we hear “Chun chun ke maaronga” we know it’s Dharam’s dialogue from Sholay – it’s a true epic in that sense.

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Ruhi 13 October at Thik kehte ho beta. Remembering Dhanno, Mausi, Jailor and other Bollywood favourites. I picked up Anupama Chopra’s book this time when I was in India. This video and mp3 song of Sholay is published by raj13pyar on 19 Oct The battle is won, but the price has been heavy.

The thakur is asking a visitor a police official to trace two criminals; when asked why, he narrates his first meeting with them, when he had to take them, by train, to a jail far away.

The lMuslim kid dying long ,boring subplot ,subpar songs, abrupt shifts in tone and pace,Dharm’s pot belly Instructions to verify your account dialoguees been sent Done. In the original ending, Thakur Baldev Singh Sanjeev Kumar continues to kick Gabbar with his nailed shoes, until he dies — a bloody mess.

Sholay dialogue of jay and mausi ji video & mp3 songs.

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