Shaktimaan 26th February Video Watch Online pt3. He is mentally a psycho lover who kills his love interest Shailaa, after she lodged complaint against him to the police. When she sees the cat Mani caressing Shaktimaan, she hurls it to death. Shaktimaan received powers from seven gurus who trained and blessed him with “yogic shakti which was natural power. Later a series of comic books appeared featuring Shaktimaan and published in many Indian languages as well as English in association with Diamond Comics and Raj Comics. As a result, Toyman is sent to jail. Tamraj Kilvish is Shaktimaan’s archenemy.

He is a clone created by Dr. He killed Shailaa on returning from Jail. He was the first synthetic villain faced by Shaktimaan. Chandola claims that Electric man was his son, whom he killed so that he can resurrect the dead body with electricity. Shaktimaan is however captured in a flying prison in the process. Later in a spaceship, they follow Jaikal but Jaikal blasts their spaceship and Mr. Retrieved 23 October

Archived from the original on 5 April He released him from prison to help him to kill Shaktimaan, he created Lightman by cloning one hair of Shaktimaan and sunlight. He also performed Yajna in which he entered the fire himself and dissolved his body in fire. Even Suriyanshis do not know about. He is at the side of truth and he is so powerful that bullets, electricity etc. shkatimaan

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Shaktimaan’s mission is to destroy the sin within people, not the sinned people. It is unclear whether shaktimsan was cursed by an enemy or punished by Tamraj to end up imprisoned. Their names originate from the Urdu word Khalbali which means commotion.

He can do practically anything he imagines. Shaktimaah December 9, So first of all we talk about Shaktiman. That’s why I decided to create an Indian super-hero, Shaktimaan, who is born out of a yagnaand a result of all the creative energies of the universe. Shaktimaan destroys both the metal plate and the magic skull.


On the shaktijaan hand, Hanuman ji swallowed the sun upon the desire to make the body bigger by the desire. Hussain and his assistant Hema discover a sarcophagus and a mysteriously untarnished sword made out of an unknown metal in the ruins.

She has a sister named Shaliyaa.

Shaktimaan in his heroic avatar will be a powerhouse dedicated towards fighting against evil plans and saving the human episose. Shaktimaan – Episode Tamraj Kilvish is Shaktimaan’s archenemy. Chandola and his associates. Shaktimaan eventually turns him into stone and shatters him at one instance. Later Shaktimaan took all light from Lightman and took it inside his body which made him extremely weak but he managed to fly to sun and transferred the light in the sun. He uses hypnosis to drive her mad so that the public will ignore her statements.

Kapala is hurt badly and Shaktimaan uses this opportunity to destroy the magic skull of Kapala. During an archaeological dig in the qila fort at Bhangdu Khati, the lead archaeologist Prof. Superhero fiction portal s portal s portal.

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Later to defame Shaktimaan he spreads a virus in the city and says it is done by the space guards. His fighting skills make maharani fell in love with him and she proposes Satya, but he rejects her.

They landed on earth to save their lives from the three evil aliens who wants to destroy everything. When she sees the cat Mani caressing Shaktimaan, she hurls it to death. Shaktimaan’s adventures show him pursuing justice and saving his friends while Kilvish and his minions plot to defeat him. Shaktimaan was conceptualized by Khanna inwhen he was working on a film with Rajshri Productions. He can breathe fire which contains an extremely dangerous poison that even impeded Shaktimaan.


Maybe I was too ambitious.

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In the present day, the mayor of Mumbai, Jai Kumar Janardhan a. She was the first to report about Shaktimaan in newspaper and named the superhero as Shaktimaan.

She first appears in episode of the series in which she tries to harm Geeta. Shaktimaan has superhuman powers which lie inside his body in his seven chakras of Kundalini attained through meditation. His true 299 is revealed after Kakodar is released from his imprisonment. She is the only clone with three animal attributes.

His glance can turn any inanimate object to stone. Shri Satya had given the exact time of the child’s birth and the place before he died about years ago. He lives with Sanjeev Mahashay at the secret places of Suryanshis in the city and even runs a hospital.

He has also helped Shaktimaan many times in defeating Tamraj Kilvish’s armies. He then captures the clone and sends him into deep space. Complete knowledge of yoga, without shsktimaan water, food or living eplsode air, travel by sky, journey of invisibility, velocity equal to light, knowledge of all languages, knowledge of languages of birds and tree plants.

Throughout their appearances they constantly argue and reconcile with each other over inane reasons. For the film, see Shaktiman film. His alter-ego is a funny geek named Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri, who works as shatimaan photographer in a daily newspaper office to maintain his secret identity as Shaktimaan.