Mr Melaris revealed how the video was produced inside a north London flat, thousands of miles from the secret US base it was purporting to be in. Some special effect people argue this is evidence that the body was cast from a real human being, then altered to add extra fingers, etc. Yet, Mr Santilli insists there is an original reel the film was based upon. Melaris met up with his friend and colleague John Humphreys. A small few members of the audience were rather upset to hear this but the vast majority were fascinated by what he had to say. There are a number of people who believe the alien autopsy film is authentic, not because of the film itself but because of the crash site. He may release it in full at a later stage. Gary Shoefield as Ant McPartlin.

Several years back my colleague Tim Mathews and I were tipped off about John Humphreys, Humphreys was part of the team and he made the dummies. To round off the interview I asked Spyros Melaris what he had to say to the doubters out there, those that believe the alien autopsy film is the genuine article. Spyros and Ray Santilli had a few telephone conversations but did not meet and arranged to meet in Cannes. Watch now on “UnMade”. Did Whitehead Beat the Wright Brothers? Mr Santilli reportedly made millions from the footage.

Mr Woolford tours the country giving lectures at UFO conferences where he argues the original footage is likely to exist. It was originally scheduled to be released inbut for a variety of reason it has been delayed with no firm date yet for its release. From a legal point of view if he broke it he could have been sued. These artifacts were also created by Humphreys. Santilli and Shoefield stated that they had “restored” the damaged footage by filming a simulated autopsy on a fabricated alien, based upon what Santilli said he saw inand then adding in a few frames of the original film that had not degraded.


They talked things over from a legal point of view and how it might help them break into other projects, even Hollywood.

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Spyros had signed a confidentiality agreement with Ray Santilli and Santilli was still adamant that he needed to recoup his initial investment allegedly paid for the tent footage.

The film is a hoax but they are not the real hoaxers. After filming, the team disposed of the “bodies” by cutting them into small pieces and placing them in rubbish bins across London. However, when the recreated footage was released, Fipm Santilli and his team did not make it clear it was a remake of poor original footage, which there was no mention of. Views Read Edit View history.

William Davies as Will Davies. Tulli Papyrus possibly 15th century B.

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As a trained sculptor Humphreys had also studied anatomy so he was the man who played the surgeon in the film. This was never broadcast.

The funding was in place, contracts and a confidentiality agreement were signed and the ball was rolling. Ray Santilli claims this autopsyy a still from a video of the “Roswell incident”. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on autospy phone or tablet!

The 16mm film was then spliced with an original Pathe newsreel of a college baseball match in Roswell to help convince experts from Kodak it could be real, he said.

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This put a stain on UFOlogy that has lasted until this very day. Or a clever and financially successful hoax? After some negotiation Santilli, and another businessman, purchased the film and made it public.


I have to be honest and say here and alirn that I cannot understand why Hesemann sat on this information and never told anyone. Of course, according to Melaris, there was no such person, so he came up with the idea of creating this aspect of the whole affair as well.

As promised, Spyros took to the stage and told of his involvement in the making of the alien autopsy film.

The documentary material shown to me by Spyros is intriguing but not proof positive. John Humphreys, an artist and sculptor, was employed to construct two dummy alien bodies over a period of three weeks, using casts containing sheep brains set in raspberry jam, chicken entrails and knuckle joints obtained from S. Camera Team Matthew Blakeley He was constantly working on other projects with Santilli and earning a living and the alien autopsy film was all but forgotten.

Retrieved from ” https: Asked if the image said to be from the original film depicted an alien, Mr Santilli initially said: Standard procedure for an important autopsy would include two cameras.

Is this a REAL alien? Claims this is a ‘genuine 1947 Roswell alien autopsy image’

So where is the original footage now? Geraldine is not her real name as she wishes to remain anonymous. Are you convinced he is telling the truth? Retrieved April 23, Mr Santilli said the original footage came to light in when he was asked by Polygram, now Universal, do do a comprehensive documentary about Elvis Presley.