Never mind that the manga has always run in a magazine targeted at grade-schoolers Lord Enma is a rather divisive character among overseas fans, due to his design and prominence but is pretty much totally beloved in Japan. The Kaima Tribe is introduced in Yo-kai Watch 2. These Yo-kai appear as characters in the anime television series, films, and as non-playable characters in the video game series. Where available, names from the English games, North American English dub, and the North American English manga are on the right while the original Japanese names are on the left. Inspirit your own “Purichi” Tribe Yo-kai! Instead, active items are placed alongside the oni tokens, with one of them being Staminum, and since you can only carry one item, you only have one use for the thing if you get spotted. Chansin has quite a few fans for being an Adorkable Butt-Monkey ; you can also find fan art of his evolutions hanging out with him.

The anime theme song is nothing to sneeze at, either. While Ledballoon is an obscure yo-kai of little significance throughout the series, there is a small subset of fans who like to claim he’s the strongest yo-kai in the series. There are other ships as well obviously. Matenou has quite a lot of fans for his good looks and hilariously over the top personality, despite only having a few lines of dialogue so far, as well as his fanon portrayal as K’mon-K’mon’s older brother. They are divided into eight primary tribes: Jokes about the series’ small fandom in North America are commonplace, though most are lighthearted. There are also two other reasons for his popularity

And if somebody else is being a jerk, don’t hold them accountable for it, because it’s just a yo-kai inspiriting them. Isn’t it so good!? Germans Love David Hasselhoff: He’s also loved for being extremely cute.


The following is a samhgari of characters from Level-5 ‘s video game and anime franchise, Yo-kai Watch. A Yo-kai can also approach you even if you don’t give it food, or you can give food to one Yo-kai only to have another one join you instead.

Even with the many changes Yo-Kai Watch 2 brought in to make befriending less of a headache, RNG still has a presence in the mechanics. Another odd one is with Star Wars: A lot of people like them for their cooler, more attractive youkau, while a lot of others dislike them for not really fitting with a lot of other Yo-kai designs.

Sidetracked by the Swmugari Saucer: Inspirit your own “Usurakage” tribe Yo-kai! Their summoning song is “Lookily!

Waatch Yo-kai appear as characters in the anime television series, films, and as non-playable characters in the video game series. The show is hugely popular in Taiwan, with merchandise being extremely popular and events drawing huge crowds.

Change 2 of your opponent’s Yo-kai Power from Active mode to Rest mode. Even the characters are heard singing the song in the English dub for episode What’s especially weird is starting with every episode from the second season, the narrator says “There are times when ‘this happens’, right? When this Yo-kai is summoned, change 3 of your opponent’s Yo-kai power Cards from Active mode ylukai Rest mode.

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Sukiyakithe remaining four Merican Legendary Yo-kai are introduced to complete the set of 8 Merican Legendary Yo-kai:. Even worse, not only were her parents arguing because of a Yo-kai that no one except Jibanyan can see, but Amy was also actually ”fated” to die that samutari. Unsurprisingly enough, it’s mostly from this franchise’s hatedom in the US.


Supporters of Movie 4 think Kuroi Yo-kai Watch is nothing more than a bland Grossout Show and appreciate the more story driven Movie 4.

Among the Yo-kai in this category are:. Samuggari fox form is also popular, especially with kemono and furry fans. As a result, the attacking Yo-kai will not faint in this battle. Afterward, you may look at the top 2 cards in your deck, and replace them in whatever order you wish. Now there’s the Better Brella.

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eatch Each tribe has its own special song that is played when the Yo-kai is summoned. You can give a Yo-kai their favorite food but they’re not guaranteed to join you.

Now you have to wait until it spawns while avoiding being seen though if you’re lucky, it’ll sometimes spawn immediately. Many of the punny-named Yo-kai are changed to an equivalent in the English version. The same kind even!

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Smogmella from Yo-Kai Watch 2 quickly fell into this since her debut, matching Insomni and Blizzaria in popularity, which is particularly amusing because some have noted that Smogmella’s appearance looks like a fusion of Insomni and Blizzaria’s designs. Their summoning song is “Speedy, Heartful! In Yo-kai Watch 3a ninth main tribe “Hagure” will debut. Nate spends the entire original anime as a fifth-grader.