Maybe he was just too noob like luffy and other at that time Episode 06 [ p ][ p ][ p ]. Just because Naruto saved Gai’s life? I readed it too. I would recommend Pokemon’s first 3 seasons also, if you’re into the company in general. Also, I’ve seen those scans earlier, still hoping they’re fake. So whats your point?

It’s sad, because this is the series that introduced me to the world of animanga. LOLS and i thought i can start watching it now.. However, Kirito ends up falling into a trap set by one of the murderers from GGO and wakes up inside the game, unable to log out, with his real self left in a comatose state. Well there are few that can reach near to 12 eps, like Bible Black, Strigendo and Oni chichi or what is it called. One of my fav anime’s of all time. Well it is actually not that bad in the manga, but the anime doesn’t change at all in this point. Alfheim Online The setting for the second arc of the story.

His duel with General Eugene is a good example of how the rules where most folks are getting wiped after a strong hit or two get pummeled by narrative, and it’s not even compelling narrative since Eugene was a monster-of-the-week and the fight was, again, at the expense of a real objective. Aw one of my Fav Anime Sites did something wrong.

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Cold hand, Warm heart Aincrad 50th Floor, September But that still leaves the tan male protag’ question unanswered, though; could we also use the “beauty standard” theory for that one? Sakurasou no Pet na Kajojo. WTB more free time to watch anime lol. Fairy Tail is back, probably this xd. This is especially noticeable in Bible Black and other hentai.


In any case, better safe than sorry: I’m 16 here Gonna be 17 in october and I can tell you that it’s definely not nostalgia that makes me get annoyed by Naruto. There are sakurasoh alot of very interesting manhwas out there. Thus he published it as a web novel using the pseudonym Fumio Kunori. Sword Art Online 3: I didn’t even have to look up who is animating this I dont read mangas Naruto started pulling techniques out of his ass, new Rasengans out of nowhere and began owning the Edo Kanjo shinobi that not even Gaara or Tsuchikage were capable of beating, well, that’s very cool.

BBCode Right now, I really just want to leave you here. He has the ability to do whatever he wants.

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And why you are still reading it if you are trying to say that it sucks till Naruto has beaten Pain? Garena Throne of Glory Sword Art Online [spoilers].

Eitherway at max the anime will have 1 more arc, if it will not end at this arc. Episode 22; Episode 21; Edit. I need to go through those songs, I really like the anime. Let’s not even start on the fact that children raised together will not be attracted to one another, regardless of their familial relationship this has actually been studiedoutside of serious psychological illness.

By Eijii Even today there’s a small alternative makeup style known as “shironori” that uses a lot of white makeup. Shhh no spoilers or if you have to, hide them with white color font or something: Over time he added three kanjo volumes and several short stories. Apart from that, I agree with pretty much everything you said; all of this could be a plausible explanation.


You see, the truth is that in Japan, as well as in many places around the world, males are typically darker skin and girls usually have lighter skin. The only thing left he got, is adding e;isode, mysterious characters out of nothing, like the masked man. Seriously, Kirito consistently told his women to sit in the back in spite of Asuna and Leafa being extremely competent swordswomen — is that supposed to be laudable?

About the only thing worth the money was the soundtrack. I don’t want to start an anime and wait one week for each episode!

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Sign up for our brand new mailing list! Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Stream full Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu episodes and movies with english subs. Naruto was good until Pain’s fight.

Episode 02 [ p ][ p ][ p ].