Team B won right And she wil have a drama in 4 month or appear in variety show like Bingo in 4 month. At the time of its announcement it was welcome news; fans were craving another AKB drama since the outlandish action-comedy series Majisuka Gakuen. Mayuyu and Mariko did really good, also the male actor! Jun 9, Location: Anime Drama Komik Movie Music. All Fall Spring Summer Winter. Download Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Oct 12, Location: Jan 22, Location: I liked my Ending better- lol. I come from the Anime World – where people are slobbering for the next episode of “Whatever” and subbers get attacked if they don’t use “proper Honorifics” or if they choose instead res. Download Gomen ne Seishun! Nov 2, Location: I asked earlier in the thread and got links to “Hello-Online” But I can’t torrent and a link to the “.

The stories are varied, in both subject matter and depth, revealing themselves to be much more interesting than tsgami initially appeared to be in the first three episodes.

NasiPadangFeb 22, My ranking since I didn’t post it here: MidoriHimeFeb 24, Please read this thread on the state of the forum going forward. Mayuyu and Mariko did really good, also the male actor!


Anime Drama Komik Movie Music. That just take 1, 2 min rather than waiting for hours for people to reply to the comment.

Download Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia

Jan 26, Location: Is there any K subs? Kojima got more votes from her bed than most girls did actually acting?? Download Crows Zero 3: Sorry to derp, but how do you get the. Searching post by post would have been too long. Mitsuboshi Colors Sub Indo. As they build on the characters, they become much more palatable and satisfying to follow.

Download Kuroko no Basket: I wished it was Team A that Won! As this is a series practically made for tear-jerking, I found myself getting sucked into a few of the storylines myself.

~ Ari Nikki ~: [Lyric] Sakura no Ki ni Narou OST Sakura Kara no Tegami

I heard reports Jurina was a “Bully? I wouldn’t have an attitude if you guys just check the past few pages first.

Sakura Kara no Tegami is a episode miniseries; Each episode 10 minutes in length, with the exception of a regular-length first episode and an hour-long finale. I understand if people didn’t read it all. LOL – Oh you kids crack me up.


[Vietsub] Sakura karano Tegami – Ep2 – video dailymotion

Saura 2, Location: Aug 2, Location: Your name or email address: Download Bitter Blood Subtitle Indonesia. The majority of the girls have little or no acting experience, so some leeway is required for best viewing. Download Kimi wa Petto July 11, Anime ini menceritakan kehidupan mereka sehari-hari. Share This Page Tweet. Sakura Kara no Tegami Episodes I’m kinda curious with that episode.

There were some instances where it just felt surreal, watching AKB members speak unflinchingly zub certain topics; it was really interesting, but they were portrayed in a way that was unrelatable.