By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bunta Marui and Jackal Kuwahara. Rudolph players by himself. But in the end the Golden Pair still lose to Rikkaidai. Inui-Kaidoh pair vs Yanagi-Kirihara pair. In a try for a short match against Inui and Kaido, Mukahi and Hiyoshi play with all they’ve got from the beginning. While Fuji is able to get out of the illusion, Niou creates yet another one, this time being Shiraishi the copied.

Captain Tezuka and Inui introduce a new way to train. Kikumaru Alone Episode 4. However, Ryoma is able to overcome the challenge quickly and defeats Arai. Rudolph players by himself. Instead, Inui is responsible for the training sessions for the regulars. However, Momo comes up with a clever strategy that surpasses the pair, giving Seigaku the win. Doubles team Shiraishi and Akaya are tasked with playing the second round.

Sanada shook hands with Tezuka, saying he’ll never play him again.

Who’s Stronger? Fuji, Ryoma, or Tezuka?

The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Ryoga laughs and Akutsu plays him with numerous balls which Ryoga easily avoids and hits back.

Aside from the appearance, he also has the ability to copy his signature techniques and playstyle. The night before the big match with Rikkaidai, the Seigaku players realize where they should really be.

Ryoma and Kintaro meet for the first time. Tezuka slowly begins to surpass Fuji. Tezuka finally smiles, and acquires the “Pinnacle of Perfection” and wins against Yamato.

Fuji’s Triple Counters fail against Shiraishi’s perfect “Bible” tennis, and everything seems to go downhill for Seigaku. In the end both Irie and Atobe are unable to play any longer after ending at more than points each. When he aims it directly toward Fuji, Kawamura decides to get in its way when he realizes that Fuji would not be able to return it.


Episode 178 (Ryoma Echizen vs. Tezuka Kunimitsu)

The middle schoolers, once again, have echizej face the challenging demands of Coach Mifune. Can Ryoma beat the undefeated Musashi in his own game?

Echizen is in a tough spot however with Shinji using his “Spot” technique to numb Echizen’s arm muscle for the split second Shinji needs to get the point. Ryoma and Ryoga get ready for a “real” match.

Tezuka’s arm begins to feel the effects as well as Sanada’s legs from constantly hitting the Lightning. He teaches a skeptical Ryoma some valuable lessons about tennis. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Ryoma and Momoshiro are fighting over a girl?? It’s Momoshiro Vs Kaidoh as the highlight of the afternoon match. This forces Ryoma to get serious and switch to his dominant hand. Ryoma has a bit of trouble returning the Snake at first, but quickly learns the footing.

Once Ryoma beats Inui, his position as a regular is set.

Kawamura and Fuji are having a tough time keeping up in their doubles episodf. However, it’s not that easy because of the Shukuchi Method. Ryuzaki-sensei falls ill and must be hospitalized. The Black Jerseys return from the mountain. Retrieved from ” https: Momoshiro and Kaidoh vs. Kikumaru and Oshitari are up against the Griffey Brothers while behind the scenes Mr.

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A cute chibi episode of the Seigaku family having their Christmas vacation. Their Hyotei opponents, Mukahi and Hiyoshi, are going full-out from the start. Rudolph from Fchizen is revealed. The Seigaku regulars are also introduced, and seem interested in Ryoma.

It was filler and didn’t happen in the manga. Ryoma hasn’t won in 3 games, but he gains advantage by using a new move called “Cyclone Smash”, holding Sanada back. The story of Hyoutei’s Third year regulars when they first entered middle school. After one week’s postponement of their match, it’s finally here! It’s time for singles 2 and Tezuka is just the man to face Kabaji.


He quickly runs into royma due to Yuuta’s tricky Rising shot, which is able to confuse Ryoma due to the ball’s unusual motion, but eventually finds a way to counter it.

Ryoma ends up facing Sasabe’s father, the Golder Retriever. Echizen starts his tournament game against Fudomine’s Shinji, and Echizen is pressing Shinji hard to keep his lead. Meanwhile Rikkaidai has a few problems with their opponent Nagoya, and Akaya Kirihara, drenched in blood, has been hit all the way back to fence, making a huge dent Those who lost were forced to leave the camp, while the winners remained.

To Inui’s surprise he calls Mitsuya “Akuto-niisan. The team visits Tezuka in Germany. In the absence of Tezuka, a tense Oishi puts the team through its paces. Kaido’s Snake is thrown against Kamio but the latter is known for his speed demon technique. It’s finally the day of the tournament.

Yambuki’s Taichi Dan makes a surprise appearance during Seigaku’s tennis club practice. Doubles 2 is Kisarazu and Yanagisawa against Kaido and Momoshiro, who won’t stop fighting.

Deciding to settle it between each other, they search for an open court to play in, but only end up finding a street court.