A password will be e-mailed to you. Zoya doesnt believe, but tanveer tells her that she knew he wouldnt believe. Ayan is confused and speechless, and all his family members are tensed and angry too…. A password will be e-mailed to you. The priest goes on to the next marriage. I love this serial but these days it is getying very bored. Sehere again gets into a sob and trties to make him guilty about doubting her, and gets out of his car, saying that she doesnt want his help.

The priest proceeds with the marriage, happy that ayan too is presenting such simplicity by taking part in this, despite being of such a huge family. She says that all these preps are for her, that she had thought for a long time, and destiny brought her here. Ayan is confused and speechless, and all his family members are tensed and angry too…. But tanveer brings some life in the serial That phoophie of faiz is so irritating I dont like her: Ayan says that he meant some days. She turns around to give a romantic smile at asad. Email required Address never made public.

He tells ayan to stop being sentimental and look after the preps in the house. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: She is very boring Sanam pls get to know about the truth pls pls Seher go on. Zoya goes inside the room.

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Khushi September 08, Zoya says that love cant spetember attained, and hence she wont ever get him. The priest asks the groom to take their positon, while their parents put the sehra on them.

Tanu September 08, But enjoying their scenes v much. Ayan questions why should they always bow down to her. She starts to make stories, while rehaan is as usual irritated with her rant.

She looks at the wound on her hand and thinks that the wound isnt just on the hand but on her heart as well,for her whole life. Tanveer teases her saying that he might have fallen in love with her.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. He thinks that today when he holds her hand, he wont ever let go. Just then, ayan is shocked as the same car that was following themovertakes them, and fake vikram is revealed, sitting isnide it.

She tries to get him into a pity mode for her, and says that if he has started doubting her, since he couldnt find a tree for her, she doesnt want his help. Like 0 Dislike 0. Asad calls up but sees that the phone is switched off. Last updated Sep 16, Ayan says that this wont be right, as if he was a friend, he wouldnt have been following them. Chanchan 16th September Written Episode Update. He asks her not to put the veil aside. Nothing wrong in wanting the best in life, at least in our serials!

Sehere again gets into a sob eppisode trties to make him guilty about doubting her, and gets out of his car, saying that she doesnt want his help. She says that she is lying. Humaira says that if its like that, then she wants to talk to vikram. She complies and they run off barefot while vikram and the goons try to catch them.

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At the dining table, humaira asks nikhat about their fast. Zoya and ayan raise their veils.

Tanveer smirks, and says that she was naive to think that she would let zoya do that, as what a person thinks never happens, and that happens which is destined to happen, and her destiny is in her hands. Dilshad asks about imran. Ahil remembers his answer, that she looks ethereal and like moonlight, in traditional attire. Welcome, Login to your account.


He doesnt pay attention to what the priest is saying, so engrossed is he in explaining to rashid, and while the priest asks if he accepts the marriage, all he hears is rashid screaming into his ears, asking him to come home, he shouts out, YES, which the people gathered there, take as acceptance to his marriage.

She asks tanveer what has she done this time, that asad is hasty to get married to tanveer so badly. But today she robbed a grocer who of course could barely make his two ends meet.

She warns zoya that she shouldnt try and come closer to asad in the next dritten days, as one step yowards asad and she would be miles away from her father and that her eyes would be on her only. Tanveer says that he would do that, and she doesnt know septmber rejection, and she would be at peace only when she gets him.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. She says that has planned all this to kill her. Ayan and humaira too run and reach the navjeevan hospital site.

Humaira insists to talk to Vikram, blurting out how insensitive her husband is now, that he hasnt even come to talk to her or meet her, after the accident. I hope they get closer and closer irritating that Tanveer.