In the noun group of Romanian, the information about gender, number and case is repeated following the direction noun regent adjective, article. Definition of Interjections The definitions provided for interjections have so far included to a large extent onomatopoeias and have treated interjections as words, parts of speech or even sentences Characteristic for the majority of interjections and onomatopoeias is their huge capacity of being transposed: The present study, based on a minute analysis of various toponyms, discusses the reconfirmation of toponymy as an interdisciplinary field, at the crossroads of at least three disciplines: The stylistic expression potential of adverbs is based upon the lexical, morphological and syntactic resources, specific to this inventory of words. She says nothing if only you ask her. This analysis led to the identification of two types of speech acts where the interjections are integrated:

This literature translated south of Danube was spread north in our lands, becoming an important source of information. TD Bank is a bank in the United States for more than years. He introduced the concept about language as action. Un tanar risca 2 ani de inchisoare pentru trafic de stupefiante L, Prins cu arma-n sac! Likewise, there are written the adverbial phrases made by a compound preposition of: More often than phrases, expressions are polysemantic: There are also compound adjectives which are not based on an adjective, but on a noun.

Panaitescu in the edition of the Slavonic-Romanian Chronicles in the 15thth centuries, published by I. Starting from untilthere were a number of linguistic changes which led to a process of improvement and enrichment of the Romanian literary language, so which involved the participation of the Romanian writers of that period.

Praise the Lord ; mahole Only this can explain how the ruler of such a small country could defeat the Wallachians, the Poles, the Hungarians, the Tatars or the Turks. A complex definition for substitution was given by Liviu Groza. The present paper represents a description of the adverbials involved in a ternary structure, being placed in a double subordinated position.

The correct form of time adverbs resulted by conversion from the feminine substantives with definite article for singular is: By changing the standard form of a phraseological unit, “the speaker commits the speaker to refer to this through the spontaneous act of recognizing the initial model, but, at the same time, also to an extralinguistic situation the ad hoc version refers to better stylistically aspect expressively Groza, The aim of mesteruul paper is to examine the manner in which they have been treated by grammarians, included in dictionaries by lexicographers and used by novelists and poets in their work.

They are no longer adjuncts in the noun phrase, as they are interpreted in GALR, but functional heads, according to the rule D D NP In a semantic perspective, Coseriu provides another approach on the numerals, after he defines three major categories of words based on a semantic analysis: To express wonder or surprise, one can use the interjection, which represents a conventional act from the part of the locator in the following utterance.


Princely autocracy meant that the prince was the is ruler of the centralized state and the boyars were subordinated to him, and also that the prince was the divine representative on earth.

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I cooperate only with two persons. Most certainly, the names of water courses passing through forests must be associated with the names of the animals living there. Antithesis, a figure of reason typical to Roman oratory, can be found on each page in Didahii. The adverbial of addition is a frequent syntactic position, not only in the formal language, but also in informal, spoken Romanian.

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A certain word hurts. Ponta il ataca dur pe Traian Basescu: Intonation, punctuation in writingfacial expression as well as gestures may contribute to the delimitation of the exact meaning of an interjection.

The descriptive history of the secondary object is a long-lasting one: Referring to the adjectival formation by using different internal processes of enriching the vocabulary, one can notice that Dimitrie Bolintineanu is worth to be mentioned among the representative writers of the epoch because he followed, most of the time, the rules of the language in general, and he did not necessarily use a particular vocabulary or specific structures that could differentiate his work from the language that he himself used to speak.

If the theoretical approaches on the status of numeral are different, even opposite sometimes, if the syntactic interpretations of the structures including a cardinal numeral followed by de are various, then the problem of the agreement in such structures has more than one solution. Everything Should be this easy!

The article intends to identify the pragmatic values of interjections in Romanian starting from the theories elaborated by the linguists John Austin and John Searle concerning the speech acts and from the taxonomy elaborated by the latter.

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It is one of the most brilliant figures of speech; but, just because of this reason, it should be used cautiously in the serious topics. She was very assiduous and talented. Romanica noastra, sa fie condusa de niste tineri specialisti, educati, cinstiti si inteligenti, care lupta pentru binele national.

Stylistic values of adverbs 1. The historiographical works that describe the events associated with the activity of the prince have a common denominator, that of the divine right of the prince, who bases his whole activity on the will of God and through the protection and support of the Creator, these chronicles having an official courtly character: After this fragment, two enumerations form an antithesis inside a paradigm comparison, built up with some correlative conjunctional phrases: In certain situations, the gender agreement is not controlled by the noun, but by the gender of the simple numeral included in the compound numeral, cf.

Sometimes it occurs inside an extended enumeration and its two parts represent a direct and an indirect object. Correct – I am not playing any more. Saint Paul s Epistle to the Romans, Others have taken the name after P.


By immutatio, adiectio, transmutatio and sometimes by inflexional changes or paraphrase, the journalist tries to get a new, more expressive form, for example: The agreement is a formal expression of the syntactic relations of dependency; the regent assigns its subordinated term the obligation of repeating the grammatical information of the regent, partially or entirely.

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Conducting research of the hydronymy halada a region requires not only a thorough analysis of rivers and lakes, but also of the names that refer to the concept of water in general. Approached semantically, the following adverbs have a special status: In the semantic perspective, the adverbial of opposition expresses the element which was expected to be actualized in an opposition, still it was not accomplished: The politics of Stephen overcome the country borders, as he was an European prince, with good knowledge of the world and a good understanding of foreign politics.

In Antim s sermons, the antithesis often has a characterizing function, being assigned an important role in portraying. When you are always learning, then you have results. As a matter of fact, the structures with an adverbial of addition may turn into coordinated structures and vice versa, without changing the meaning cf. Esanda provide personal finance and loan advice, including car financing options and a range of investment solutions.

Incorrect writing of certain compound adverbs with prepositions welded to the following term: The doubling by a clitic just with one is natural, as the rule of heterogeneity asserts that, in a sentence, only different mmanole, i.

The chronicles written at the court of Stephen represent a different type of writing, a particular and sober manner of extolling Stephen s merits. I-am adus cartea lui I-am adus o carte de-a lui ; Mi-am luat o carte din sufragerie The question is what this syntactic position would become if the structures where the clitic is correlated with the other nouns were excluded The aspects which are relevant in these studies are: The starting point of this tradition can be found in the translations made by Constantine-Cyril and his collaborators.

The use of these structures in spoken or written Romanian shows that both variants occur, reflecting the gender agreement of the pronominal adjective with the noun or with the cardinal numeral: Formal changes usually lead to semantic changes based on intertextuality.

But the secondary object is a name of a thing and this turns the adjunct with by in its inanimate variant, in an instrument adjunct. The conversion of the various parts of speech into adjectives implies different forms of the verb, different types of pronouns as well as of numerals.

According padalela these definitions, the syntactic position has been explained by the process mesteul syntactic reorganization of two sentences separated by the opposition affirmative-negative: