June Learn how and when to remove this template message. However, she doesn’t answer and insists that he not visit her again. Works by Studio Deen. Exhilaration fills the allies at their unexpected victory. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Wikipedia articles with incorrect tenses Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. Tamazaki asks Rikuo to join him, but he refuses. The defeated Hakuzozu asks for death but Rikuo spares him and asks him to join his side. Yura’s grandfather officially passes the authority of Keikain House to her and dies.

Yohime’s power is abused by her father who demands huge amounts of money from the people who want to be cured. Works by Studio Deen. Rise of the Yokai Clan”. The series was first published in Shueisha as a oneshot in Recovered from his blindness, Tsuchigumo challenges Nue. Tsurara bursts into the meeting to inform them that Nura Clan aid is on its way. Afterwards, Nurarihyon becomes the “Lord of Pandemonium” and his clan is acknowledged as the most powerful clan of all.

Retrieved from ” https: Ayakashi Hiroku was released on July 2, Rikuo tells his grandfather to make him the Third Heir to the Nura Clan and states that he is willing to undergo any training to become stronger. Lists makyu anime episodes.

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Exhilaration fills the allies at their unexpected victory. During the fight, Rikuo comes to understand the real power of Nurarihyon and manages to cut the fear of his enemy.

Above the castle, Mamiru and Ryuji distract Hagoromo Gitsune to allow Yura and Hidemoto to seal Nue in his chrysalis, but Tsuchigumo interferes due to his desire to fight Nue. The second season originally aired from July 3, to December 25, mavo, and broadcast in the United States and Canada on Neon Alley from January 28, to May 20, There Awashima picks up a rock and unknown to sennwn in the group except Kurotabo is instantly tagged to be spirited away.


On reaching their destination Rikuo learns that the mountain is the domain of Gyuki – a member of his clan and the one responsible for trying to kill Rikuo. Tamazaki asks Rikuo to join him, but he refuses.

Mezuki with gyuki clansmen attempt to attack Natsumi and Saori sennfn got interrupted by Yura.

Natsumi is the only person who continues to pay her respects to the local deity, Lord Senba. Rise of the Yokai Clan chapters.

Official Character Data Book: He was also Rikuo’s play-mate when he was little.

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She is given a glimmer of hope sennne Kurotabo pierces Mukade’s world but is unable to help any further. Tsurara bursts into the meeting to inform them that Nura Clan aid is on its way. World Series — Rurouni Kenshin: Rikuo and his friends reach the mountain retreat. Agency for Cultural Affairs.

In rage, Tamazaki tries to kill Rikuo.

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Impressed by their tenacity, Tsuchigumo retreats to Sokokuji Temple, taking Tsurara as a hostage to ensure that Rikuo will come after him. Rikuo and his clan continue to fight with the tenacious Shikoku yokai who are adamant in conquering Rikuo’s Fear.


Outbreak Hybrid Child — Descending Stories: After an intense argument, Rikuo lets Zen fight their enemies and is surprised when he is able to channel Zen’s Fear along with his own.

Starting on August 11, the first of three chapters will be published with a page chapter, and will continue in October and December. Lum the Forever Patlabor: Just as she’s about to be killed Rikuo saves her. Later Yura came late to the scene after Kappa and Night Rikuo left.

Rikuo manages to survive but is severely injured.

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Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 19 ENG Sub

Buso Renkin Death Note Gintama. Elsewhere, Inugami abducts Kana and holds her hostage, however, she is rescued and Tamazaki slaughters Inugami. When the Nura Clan hears about the Shikoku Yokai’s attack on the Chichibo fortress, its members busily prepare to mobilize their small number of troops.

Rikuo gains Tsurara’s trust and together they fight using the Matoi technique, managing to sever one of Tsuchigumo’s arms.