She catches him when she saw his loud coming from his room to her room. Her husband beats her and says that why not her son does and fights with him. Neelam Valley bridge collapse 24 News HD is one of the leading news channels of Pakistan bringing you the latest She becomes bore without T. Munney and Kharafa take care of her but after his mother’s sudden death, Kharafa says him that she is also like his mother. While, her friends throw her doll in fire and doll destroys.

Friends aj ki es video min ap ko btaion ga k ap kasy PSL 4 ko live free min Deakh sakty hen. Arsalan also wonders why Farhana always writes ’64 on her letter but he does not ask her. Her friends tells her and she copies the same and goes away with that guy. They both cries to recognise a dead Sana. Parvez’s mother says to Parvez to take her to hospital because 5 months have been passed on their marriage but doctor say her that tests are clear but she is not pregnant yet. She says that today is the day when she was born. While coming to room, she says that all fight her whenever they need.

Fariya came into car, Asif given him a ring and said that he will matry her. Elder sister Raheela Nausheen Shah teaches car driving and the younger sister Aaliya Almas is finding for job.

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On saying this, Munna takes her hand and let her get out of home. While, Kjnaray and her mother buys clothes for her doll. Fariya came in home that marriage is jab allowed because if she will go then home’s expenditure who will pay? SHe washes dishes, and he also helps her.


She says her that Sohail does flud with her. Her daughter comes with her father and says her that she didn’t even care of her. Hina says him that she wants to sacrifice her love because his wife loves him and she doesn’t want to be their obstacle.

She comes to hospital, nurse Rozi tells her that doctor is behind her and shows her his death body. Friends aj ki es video min ap ko btaion ga k Kya star Minaray Off ho gya ha asiasat7 see. Fariya comes home and says that she didn’t go any fees because she got an advance.

Eventually they both fall in love but try to keep enelum secret. While, Ejaz says her that she should eat pills of sleeping and then sleep.

Hassan Ahmed as Kamran Ep: The story revolves around Mariam Maria Wasti and Humayun Nauman Masood talking about that they will be developed soon. In his paranoia, he believes he has caught his sister and the young man red-handed and he runs in and strangles his sister. This eipsode him start thinking that his friends probably talk about his sister as well.

When she goes, he says her “happy birthday”. While sleeping, Adul servant says her that she actually had polio which destroyed her life and all are sorry for her. Bibi always thinks that no one will come until her death. She advises him to go to place where no one identifies them. She says her father if he could make her doctor.

Shamma looks happy and does anythin to make Hameed happy and he sees him continuously.

She comes to Parvez’s room but he was thinking so she played with toy so that he can wake up by water balloon. Sikander is paralyzed walking into wheelchair.

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Their student Raheed Muhammad Alam usually comes in their gone for assistance. She lives alone in her home where Saleem Plumber Ehteshamuddin kinwray to fix her pipes which mostly do work. Her son comes when she goes and says her that why she was silent. He says to Mariam that he had said her to come on their home. Farida is shocked to see Jameel’s dead body.


She says that jn never happens in real life because it happens only in dramas. Fariya’s father came into home and said that he found a shop which will cost him Rs. She is unaware of fact that Neeulm home is nearby her home. He starts romance and says her that she should keep open hair because it suits on her. They dance on it.

While, Mustaqeem goes to office, but she calls him and says that if she had power, she can give him breakfast but he refuses.

Neelum Kinaray‬ Full Episode 12 Р11 January By Hum Sitaray

She comes to home with her father and says that if she could get more rupees, she could buy a new mobile. She is also thinks that she will get her dream’s kinarayy soon. The boys stare at every woman who walks down the street and make lewd comments, saying that no woman who steps out of the house is modest.

One day, Aqib notices that his friends make a comment about a girl however stop talking about her once the girls brother walks by.