Summoning jutsu in mid air saved Sasuke’s life. Did guy sensei challenged Kakashi? Danzo is back on the scene as octopus brat in the next episode of Naruto Shippuden entitled; The TailedBeast vs. Kakashi is expected to restore order in Hidden Leaf. The only one that can handle that kind of hatred is me. It seems Madara will have to get some Rinnegan eyes before the war begins Karin worked for Orochimaru, then joined up with Sasuke as a shinobi for the Akatsuki. Sasuke called for his Susano’o with his Sharingan eye and attacked.

The history of repeated accumulating hatred. Foo had sliced his head off but that didn’t kill Madara as he de-materialized his body for the attack and then re-materializes his body to attack. Not with what he knows anyway. Danzo has lost to Sasuke in the last episode of Naruto Shippuden Gaara assembled the Hidden Sand to contemplate the strength of Akatsuki. Kakashi summarized it all when he said: Hidden Leaf Village came to agreement that Sasuke is an enemy now. One day Jiraiya summoned Gerotora to ask him to loosen the seal just a little bit.

When Nine-Tails came out she remembered the intense anger, but no Naruto’s will. Tobi finally agreed to handing over Sasuke, but only once the victory in the 4th Great Ninja war was secured. The stage for his vengeance plan has already been set. He promised to sever all bonds to the Hidden Leaf as the ultimate true restoration.

To me, epieode became The visual prowess has returned to his right eye. Go to your brother Nxrutonine so he can lecture you.

Madara would then place the world under Infinite Tsukuyomi. In order to become Hokage, Naruto must do what it takes to be there for Sasuke as his friend.


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Sasuke has been Naruto’s goal. When Sasuke relentlessly attacked Danzo with many Sharingan eyes still open on his right arm, it seemed suicidal. Who will carry epizode burden of saving Hidden Leaf Village? Sakura is back at the scene remembering how she started liking Sasuke, never understanding who he actually was and is.

Let’s watch Naruto Shippuden episode to find some answers right here at TailedFox. Gaara concluded that the intentions of Madara must have been taking all Five Kazekage hostage to advance his plans “Project Tsuki no Me”. Jiraiya and Sakura were saved by Yamato who used his wooden jutsu to restrain Jinchuriki by boxing him in. One day Jiraiya summoned Gerotora to ask him to shippudenn the seal just a little bit. This is why Naruto will never give up on Sasuke.

Foo along with Torune fight Madara and Sasuke gets ready to fight Danzo. Promise, that he would bring Sasuke back. Tenten remembers how Naruto stood up to Pain to protect her. With a Wind Style: Fight goes on, Danzo seems to recover on every turn.

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Fire was inhaled by Baku and killed him off. This is the legacy that Fourth Hokage left for his son. Sasuke rushes to run Danzo through with his nihonto but stops cold just a short of entering Danzo’s torso.

Naruto was asked to unseal Nine-Tails. Epieode didn’t go as well as planed as Madara has seen through this move and just pretended to defend himself. We can’t see who is inside, but whoever it is, shook Madara up to his core. That is why he kept chasing after Sasuke.


Gaara described the turn of events at the Five Kage meeting in the Land of Iron. He also ordered a list of all shinobi belonging to the village as well as each platoons preparing their tactical plans. Naruto tells Jiraiya about this bond break episoxe asked about Orochimaru.

Declining the geezer food, he was brought to Great Lord Elder to learn about his divine future. Contact us about this article. Sasuke placed genjutsu on Danzo in the last attack and this genjutsu made Danzo believe that the last eye on his right arm was still open when in fact it was closed already.

Watch it with us next Thursday June 9th right here at TailedFox. Capturing Nine Tails, or controlling it would be tremendously difficult and risky. But in the Susano’o attack he lost the invincible powers and now it’s just Danzo against Sasuke. You can watch and download super robot wars episodes, other anime, discuss anime in our Forum. Danzo was aware of Sasuke’s genjutsu “a far cry from Itachi’s masterful Tsukuyomi.

Gaara will give his life to protect Naruto.