Who is this masked man? Ikuto gets worked up when Mikoto challenges him to a duel to see who is better at building. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The first has the cat lord asking Ikuto and Suzu for assistance in their contest to decide who should be the next lord of the surrounding area, the cats or the dogs. Anime and Manga portal.

Nagasarete Airantou Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia. In the same night, both houses get robbed by two separate culprits, but they both get away. Ikuto wakes up to find that Suzu has a fever. Suzu then grabs Ikuto and says that they have the 2-tailed raccoon captured. Suddenly, the masked fiend Beniyasha appears. Ikuto gets some assistance from a shadowy figure and wins the fight. However, Ikuto cannot sit still for long since he is used to going to work regardless of the weather outside.

Ikuto goes in search for Suzu and Yukino.

Second Season Shikabane Hime: She came back home to show it to Ikuto, and while reading the letter, it read that his sister went off to the sea to try to find Ikuto, but has gotten lost; therefore, Ikuto, Suzu and the other girls attempt different ways to get Ikuto out of the island to find Misaki.

Extend Futakoi Alternative Da Capo: When Rin is eventually chased by Yukino, he saves her gaining Suzu and Rin’s respect. Suddenly, the masked fiend Beniyasha appears.

Nagasarete Airantou Episode 7 English Subbed

Nagasarete Airantou Episode 4 Subtitle Indonesia. Later, Ikuto and Suzu are going home to sleep, but one of the robbers is inside taking e;isode bath. They found out that it was Chikage who was responsible. Thus, he has to go to the island’s mountain Mt. Kuma Kuma, Yukino’s bear friend, goes missing and she starts to search for her with the help of Ikuto and Suzu.


The first centers around Ayane accidentally eating her older sister’s epiaode and Ayane runs from her in fear of her sister’s wrath.

Together with Ikuto, they provide Suzu with much-appreciated company. The story ends with Ikuto being chased by all of the girls on the island. A rainy day means that everyone on the island can take a day off. Soon the others arrive and begin to start a competition for bathing with Ikuto.

She ends up finding out that he is a teacher and she gets excited. The opening theme is “Days” by Yui Horie.

In the second part, Suzu breaks a small statue and an evil spirit comes after her, of which she is deathly terrified. Several of the others arrive to cheer up Mei Mei, and the shy girl thanks them all and promises to do better. Suzu then grabs Ikuto and says that they have the 2-tailed raccoon captured. The next scene involves Ikuto taking a bath with Chikage’s elephant maid Panako. Eventually, Ikuto tries to leave the island, but discovers the island is surrounded by whirlpools, and thus it is impossible to leave the island.

The Bonds of Reasoning Star Ocean: Meanwhile, Suzu does her best to protect Ikuto from the masses. Suzu’s extremely old grandmother decides that Ikuto should live with Suzu for the time being.

Rin, Ikuto and others help get them out of the nagasaarete. While Ikuto is out searching for them it starts raining; then all of a sudden Ikuto hears his name being called and stops.


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When Ikuto throws Tonkatsu at Suzu to stop her; she dodges it and falls on Ikuto’s face and he plays dead until she starts to walk by and he grabs her foot. They must paint mustaches onto the dog lord so the cat lord can rule. Shinobu is fast but Ikuto had proper techniques. Ikuto and Suzu have been invited to Chikage’s western-style home so that Chikage can secretly observe Ikuto since she has never had the chance to study a human male before.

After the credits Suzu and Ikuto are going over numbers multiplied by two. After finding his sister, he makes the decision to go back to the island much to her dismay. After a rooftop confrontation, Ikuto tries to chase after him. Upon his return, he is welcomed by all the girls on the island and Obaba informs Ikuto that he will have to go through another tournament that would decide which of the girls on the island would be his bride.

She soon forces them to eat dinner which, despite the bad look, is delicious, but the drawback is she prepared so much that they eventually pass out from stomach pains.

In the same night, both houses get robbed by two separate culprits, but they both get away.