Home Search muqabla hai pyar ka o laila. Mukkala Muqabla Oh Laila Mp4 full video in mp3 songs and mp4 3gp video with. Here is the track list for “Muqabla Muqabla Song” we may collect and you can listen to and download. Script and Story- Well, after watching this movie, any one will say ” What the hell is this thing called Script” lol. I was proud that India could make a music and dance oriented film without messing up the entertainment and logic factor of the audiences. Was this review helpful? Finally after a long waiting time a good movie in Bollywood. Especially Bezuban and the climax dance part.

Ganesh Acharya over acted a little bit,but was just fine. Well, I do not intend to reveal the suspense which is surprising in an effective way, and the entire sequence leading to the climax is well shot. I was very much satisfied both with the performances and variety of mind blowing dance moves. And the 3D is very amateur, to be frank. It is so good to see that all the others in the star cast managed to put up such great performances despite being new to the big stage of the Bollywood. Kay Kay Menon played the negative role well.

Prabhudeva’s dialogue delivery shows his Hindi speaking problem, but forgivable as this movie is on dancing and not on acting. The movie does drag in the middle and I feel it is because the screenwriters mkqabla have much in mind about what to do with all these dancers and so they added some uninteresting and trivial subplots that don’t really add up to anything consequential.

But it can be present inmuch more better way. If there’s one thing a Bollywood abdc should be able to do well it is a large scale dance scene, and ABCD certainly doesn’t disappoint in any way.

Story is not bad and D, Chandu and other character done great work with this movie and have respect after watching by people. So we follow DDR for the most parts, in watching how Vishnu whips up a motley bunch into a well oiled machine able to take on some of the best, especially with its inventive choreography.

Prabhu Deva stuns everyone on the dance floor Mukkapa Deva made sure he left everyone awestruck with his deft dance moves as he shook.

If any work is done by pure heart, true passion, knowledge about the content and a sheer hard work with tremendous enthusiasm then it will definitely payoff. But for me, the highlight of the movie was the dancing – and that is how it should be. But, when it comes to the plot, acting, dialogues or even screenplay, ABCD fails, badly. From there on movie takes a consistent flow with nice story,stunts and plethora of dance styles. Film is very vibrant, even the fight is colorful.


It begins with the rivalry within Jahangir Khan Kay Kay Menon and Vishnu Prabhu Devathe brains behind JDR, a dance troupe who is once again crowned champions in the nationwide Dance Dil Se competition, only for the former to kick out the latter through the employment of foreign talent.

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Bang on every moves, every step and surprisingly his acting is more than manageable. As the way it is been shown is shrewd way but at the end his motives were nothing to do with the stealing of money. All in all a great movie that will prove a hit with anyone who loves a feelgood movie filled with dancing. Also his much hyped dance was looking awkward in front of others. Ganesh Acharya is good with Kay Kay Menon at his best as villain.

Minus the aforementioned factors, it is a visual treat. And when Prabhudeva is there as the maestro himself then you are sure to get some exclusive, unbelievable and jaw dropping dance sequences on the screen like never before. Trust me you will never find such dance in all his carrier.

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I won’t go into any detail here as I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not seen the film yet. Unimpressed by jahangir’s tactics and decisions Vishnu is thrown out of dance institution.

You must go for it. The participants of Dance India Dance also essay central characters. His cast in ‘ABCD’ also has a major role in realizing movue vision successfully, mainly because the actors who played dancers are dancers themselves in real life and so they are able to understand their characters and their struggles much easily without looking too artificial or schmaltzy.

With dance incorporated into just about every film, perhaps that was reason enough not to have a movie that dwells within the confines of a dance premise, which the US mykkala in its Step Up franchise and UK with its StreetDance equivalent.

Here director REMO thankfully found that vision, courage and spirit to bring all his young contestants of the show together in his own film made on dance. I am a Dance loving person and I didn’t expect such a wonderful movie from Indian cinema as it is the first dance movie of Bollywood. Background score gels well with the flow of the film. I have always believed that music has no boundary. For that matter Kay Kay is in a different league as an actor along with others like Manoj Baypayee, Nana Patekar, etc.


But as a special project collectively made by all the masters of the art together along with the young talent picked up from their own TV Talent shows, I would like to rate ABCD as an important film of the current times which actually shows us a new inventive way of making interestingly appealing films featuring the fresh talent. Muqabla Abcd Song Pagalworld video.


Unlike the Hollywood counterparts, the camera-work and editing here all combined seamlessly in providing the audience with the best possible vantage point in which to observe the dance and dancers, and nary did any put on the wrong foot such that you’d miss something crucial to their movement. I will say to must go movie as you can enjoy it in big screen only. The movie is full of dance dance and dance so don’t look for acting just look for the dance.

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But there is a difference. Abetter direction is needed the movie is elongated in the unnecessary way. There is a scene towards the climax of the film when we realize someone from Vishnu’s group has switched loyalty and joined hands with Jahangir’s group, and here movi are kept in suspense abfd about a minute where we are keen to know whether the person whom everyone suspense indeed turns out to be the Judas. There were instances where I got furious too.

Director Remo’s choreography moie brilliant. It keeps the film pace moving. It goes high, high and higher in all aspects.

As an actor he was just O. All are good in this movie and specially prabhu deva dance is super to watch. Though all the dance sequences were amazing. Any Body Can Dance Muqabla song: