Since the air intakes are on the top, can the laptop still be used for heavy loads video editing premiere pro with the lid closed? Intel Smart Response Technology: I’ve heard good things from the users though. Like most newer, high end laptops, this one has Thunderbolt 3. Maybe I just got lucky? The surface of the ClickPad is clearly separated from the rest of the palm rest, and it is slightly roughened. Francisco Ortiz January 6, at 5: There are some mixed comments about the reliability and durability.

I also benchmarked a number of games to give you an idea of how the GTX performs. Run applications and access all your files faster and smoother. Although probably lose some battery life but it was totally worth it. I have the GS63VR now though and thoroughly enjoy the lighter and thinner experience, while keeping the same hardware inside. Hi I have the best buy version… Is exactly the same as reviewed.. I got one from Ibuypower. Dual fans kept it

I didn’t have the laptop long though, so I wasn’t able to put too much effort ghozt trying. That way the notebook could be easily hooked up to an external monitor and used with the lid still shut. Sorry for all the questions, it’s just your reviews was the most practical comprehensive i’ve found and I really do have my heart set on this lappy but need to get the config right first go cause it is a lot of money.


I also benchmarked a number of games to give you an idea of how the GTX performs. Voltcraft VC Battery Runtime The battery runtimes hardly changed compared to the predecessor, but this is not bad by any means when you consider the higher performance of the graphics chip and the processor. I ended up selling for a mv undervolt. The blacks were a little bright though, so it really throws off the contrast ratio, around People 4-078 this laptop with Unfortunately, you can still heavily twist the cover, which creates cracking sounds.

If you do replace it with a 3k screen, please take some pictures to share. Also there is an issue with the Revkew software and you need to diable it for skype for businees to work regular skyped works fine, but everyone complains a my low volume fs I speak, I need to tune it better.

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Francisco Ortiz January 8, at Thanks for a fast reply! Sound is the best I’ve heard from a notebook.

The lid is pretty much just like all the other MSI laptops. Probably for the best because the 15″ form factor is way more portable feeling.

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro-064

The system configuration is well-balanced with the fast processor, the powerful GPU and the generous amount of memory. How can this page be more helpful to you?

The GS60 is a thin gaming notebook without an optical drive. Jeffrey Baker December 5, at I did just recently get 4k-08 “whitebook” model on eBay that had a higher quality LG screen in it.


MSI GS60 2QE Ghost Pro 4K (2QEUi716SR51G) Notebook Review

The left hand side was flush with the palm rest. Some games are not compatible with the 4k resolution which I knew, but still very annoying. Intel Fast Memory Access: The cooling performance is also better because both components have their own fan. I guess they reserve a USB 2. Is the M reviiew the extra money?

If you can deal with the diminished colors, you should probably keep the FHD model. I really hope the Kaby Lake quad core is better. Most of the letters are squared off and definitely look different 4o-078 the norm.

Otherwise, give yourself a lot of light, time and space before attempting it.

Discrete graphics memory type: Hello, do you know if i can upgrade p panel to 4k reveiw. The single CPU fan was upgraded as well though, as it actually runs at lower speeds than before and is much quieter, as a result. The Heat and Battery life parts do help me a lot: