Eventually these idiots find the swarm and die and this woman is trapped in her car by the entire swarm. We cut to a police car, and Jeff is yelling at people on the street through a bullhorn. I watched this one recently and was amazed to discover it was a film I had seen many, many years previously on television; I think it must’ve been the late 70’s it made it to the UK. The temperature inside the enclosed sport facility is lowered to 45 degrees immobilizing the killer bees and having them collected and brought into the custody of Dr. I remember seeing this movie on T. Police Lieutenant James Best Home Forums Recruiting Pick’em

I Am the Night. The bees always invade a small town first. Killer bees from South America are killing people in NO. Bruce French as Police Lieutenant. The finale involves Ms Bee Expert being nudged into a sports stadium in her red Beetle which the bees have covered as she was earlier using the horn near them doh! The filmmakers probably introduced this character error because the color of the car comes in handy for plan B, which involves taking the bees to the Superdome. Oh yeah, and look for James Best aka Rosco P.

The reason is that I have a real soft spot for 70’s American TV movies. Unlike Irwin Allen’s The Swarm, whose main objective was to show one celebrity guest star after another being stung to death, this film is more like a cross between a tense sci fi thriller and a Hitchcock film. Trivia Amazingly, only a very few bee-related injuries occurred on the set, a testament to Norman Gary ‘s bee wrangler expertise.

Won 1 Primetime Emmy. Horst Buchholz as Dr. Rise of the Machines Learn more More Like This. Movies like this need to know how to push the mpvie buttons, and this one does, containing one scene with a scientist in a protective suit poking a giant beehive that really impressed me with how skillfully it was set up.

The other scene was the finale where a Volkswagen Beetle drives slowly through town covered in the bees. Rufus warns them not to disperse the deadly bees, with fire and insecticide, because it would only have them invade friendly European or Italian Bees hives and take them over and start dozens, if not hundreds, of African Bee colonies. The acting is standard fare, no-one stands out but it’ll do. Thosesbees would attack and kill thousands of people and livestock all around the state.


Most appropriately viewed on an extremely faded-to-orange 16mm print, although Betamax is a good alternative! The filmmakers probably introduced this character error because the color of the car comes ssuperdome handy for plan B, which involves taking the bees beex the Superdome.

So I’ll be mild in my final rating. The threat grows as the attacks continue, and for awhile it looks like the bees will win out.

Police Lieutenant James Best Previous Post Running Scared The Savage Bees Specifically, the color red, hence the red Volkswagen.

Watch now on “UnMade”. Then marvel as they drive the whole carload of bees downtown to see a Saints game! You will forever associate the Voltz-Wagon Bug with this movie.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: With revellers dropping left and right, thanks to the fatal stings of the bees, it is up to the local constabulary, represented by Sheriff McKew Ben Johnsonand a team of scientists, commandeered by Dr. This is not just another cheapy television movie from the s, but actually an intelligent, scary horror film worth seeing, something along the lines of “Kingdom of the Spiders” or “Phase IV” – 2 other very good underrated insect attack movies.

Post Share on Facebook. Patrons get an ad-free experience and full access to our archives. Something or someone is attacking people one by one on the beach.

Then more dramatic music as bees started to slowly fall off the car. Kingdom of the Spiders DavidAndBeecher 8 June Why The Last Jedi gives me yes! Was this review helpful? There is a Volkswagen commercial dealing with bees that made me think of this movie. We cut to a police car, and Jeff is yelling at people on the street through a bullhorn.

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We learn that the bees don’t like noise and the colours black and red. Even though a bit lacking in production values “The Savage Bees” is a lot better then the far more expensive and star studded Killer Bee deserter movie “The Swarm” that turned out to be a real disaster and bombed out in the movie houses a few years later. I recently dug this movie up in a box of video tapes I had recorded in the 80’s and decided to put it to bres real test. This time a marching band and a school bus killef in the path of the bees.


It’s well acted, well written It also gives some factual history on how the Africanized bees came to be. I invited my 13 year kipler son in to watch some of it with me, and after 15 minutes or so he was hooked and wanted to watch the whole movie.

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The Savage Bees is standard made for telly killer creature feature stuff, it’s just about watchable if your absolutely desperate for a killer Bee flick but that’s the best I can say for it. There are no featured reviews for The Savage Bees at this time. Lyla Kay Owen as Mrs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve randomly thought about that “VW in the Superdome” scene. I mean a single cop car can clear the whole of New Orleans by itself broadcasting from just one loudspeaker?

Writer Guerdon Trueblood seems to have a one-track mind, as all his “thrillers” involve either bugs or airplanes. Yes No Report this. The team of scientists, aided by the local sherriff that are trying to thwart the disaster deal with a slow subtle at firststeadily climbing stream of attacks.

Sign in to vote. But it uses its influences well and the resultant film is good, with a finale that is quite memorable, after all I remembered it from over thirty five years ago! Look out for the scene in which someone in fancy dress tries to take on the bees with a sword.

The Unbreakable Trilogy, part 2: