And Hosaka wins as always, although, it might be just me, but he looked really funky this episode. Minami-ke Okawari Anime Rating: Minami-ke Okawari sequel Also Recommended: Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Somewhere around Mile 2 I beat the kid in the end by less than a second.. Wanting to join the rest of our members? Once again, fuck the haters. Up until that scene, the season so far has been average.

It’s actually pretty cheap. I bet Hosaka would jump at that job opportunity — taking care of Kana and Chiaki if Haruka were to study abroad. This would make J-Lo jealous! What anime are you watching at the moment and would you recomend it? You must log in or sign up to post here. If you favor a good laugh, Minami-ke is definitely recommended. I was happy just because he said ‘Okawari’ in the break. Try thinking outside of the box.

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Okawari movie download Download Minami-ke: Set in a seedy travelling carnival, this monami-ke. I just started watching D-Gray man and Clannad.

Oleg Kovalov – Starring: Wonder wut’s gonna happen to Makoto in the future, lol.

Anthony Quinn, Guilietta Masina. Hi guys PeterQuillJan mijami-ke, BBCode Modified by lowell, Mar 5, With all the good-will in the world, one still cannot blink the fact that the British-made picture, “Ships With Wings,” which put into the Rivoli on Saturday, is a.


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Search tags for this page. The opening and ending songs were nice to listen as well.

The story is about a grieving doctor vveoh contacted by his late wife through his. Video; 5 Stages of Combat; Oath. Justice film – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Justice German: So yeh, whats are youze watchin at the moment? Sappy, dull, and muddled, Dragonfly is too melancholic and cliched to generate much suspense.

BBCode “Yes, I have been deprived of emotion. Dragonfly disambiguation – Wikipedia, the free epixode A dragonfly is a flying insect of the order Odonata.

Minami-ke ~Okawari~ Episode 9 Discussion

Share This Page Tweet. I start to believe that I only minamu-ke watch the series because of Hosaka Wild – Download movies online. There are too many holes in his guise for the writers to keep milking off his novelty, but I doubt they’ll stop. Good to see Hosaka again. Dragonfly may also refer to: Still not enough to undrop this show.


It was an alright episode. Moko-chan needs to stop and be friends with Chiaki.

What anime are you watching at the moment?

Currently watchin One piece -Yes Bamboo blade Tama chans just goten more epic – Yes Minami-ke okawari – Yes but watch Minami-ke first Shiguri – Not rly its a bit hardcore with its plot and violance Ulysess 31 – No im episoce rememberin my childhood. Soon some of the children start. Justiz – Pipl Directory People named Justiz.

Minami-ke is about the lives of the three Minami sisters who all have very different personalities.

Makoto just can’t get what he wants mlnami-ke he? The only worth this season has for me is to aid me in my Japanese learning.