And if they are why are they doing it now? Wota need to stick together.. And now we bring to you Episode 2 of Majisuka Season 5! But who will come out as the victor?! Compared to that, Takamina death look pointless and shallow. Download Subtitles here Download Torrents here. Sakura’s howl is epic!!! Better watch our Sakura!!

Gifs and photos credited to the original owner on tumblr! May 29, Location: Vitaliy Fridman , Oct 5, Kobii and Antonio are making up! Zombie and Kamisori have officially become Sakura underlings and they follow Sakura everywhere they go like Daruma does to Meada!!! What step will the worried parents of the yankees students take when the safety of their children is at stake!? She is like the best one of entire series, lol.

Brought to you by: The Heavenly Queens decide to settle what Kobii has done to Salt and also Sakura and the rest of the gang plan to settle things also!

Also why not try a lovely group actually called Lovelyz-Goodnight Like Yesterday to cool you down! And is she ready to take the weight of epsode that Salt carries?

Majisuka Gakuen Season 2 Episode 9 eng sub

LaisieTaffyOct 5, She can take anyone down with one hit!! Who actually killed Salt!?


The Heavenly Queens are also worried about Salt state and they plan to destroy who ever hurt Salt. ThumbsterOct 7, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dec 8, Location: They 3 of them never e;isode played soft ball and decide to accept the challenge and form the soft ball team Hatsumori Bemars and claim their park back! Does this mean that Gekioko are moving their troops for war? After Salt saw Otaba defeat she has finally figured out what being the leader of Majisuka really is and now she plans to show her determination to keep Majio strong!

Sep 26, Oshimen: And Episode 2 here also: Guns… yakuza… and guns.

Majisuka Gakuen – AIDOL

Definitely dangerous territory here. The real battle is still yet to begin!

Will we see any other armies start to move their troops to strategically position themselves to swoop in and attack at the right moment? And a huge for “Center”.

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Not even giving you the time to get impatient! Also, why is Antonio so bent up on defeating Salt as well!? Mar 2, Location: Will Sakura and Salt battle still happen!


What battle can be so epic that it interests Nezumi to come back and watch it!? Will Majisuka beat Gekioko once and for all?

Also, Nori-Metal will be providing transcriptions for us, helping us bring you the subs even faster!! Special shout out to Akatsuki, the QC, for really coming through and helping us out to finish these off for us. No, create an account now.

Majisuka Gakuen 4 update | Nobuzoke (NBZ48)

And what plans does the rival school Gekioko have up their sleeves to defeat Maji-jo!? I was so hyped.

After the battle with everything on the emg last week and Salt nowhere to be found. Also we get to see the famous Majisuka Gakuen student Centre! The final step before Salt-san, or is it?