Research also takes heterogeneous long-term results between 1 month to several years so that the results of the study are also varied [ 13 ]. Sural nerve graft harvesting; F. The effect of cardiotomy suction on the brain injury marker SB after cardiopulmonary by-pass. View all Volume 11, 5 Volume 10, 26 Volume 9, 19 Volume 8, 15 Volume 7, 12 Volume 6, 11 Volume 5, 5 Volume 4, 10 Volume 3, 12 Volume 2, 15 Volume 1, 3. Predictors of traumatic brain injury mortality such as low Glasgow coma scores, unresponsive pupillary reactions, and hemodynamic disorders [ 6 ] are not quantitative and specific so biomarkers are needed to predict mortality in traumatic brain injury [ 7 ]. This study aims to analyse the difference in mean serum SB levels between patients who died or survived traumatic brain injury based on follow-up time.

Higgins JP, Green S. Mortality rates due to TBI vary in several studies. The mean diagnostic strength was also promising to predict early mortality sensitivity of Tjokorda Gde Bagus Mahadewa. SB and Neuron-Specific Enolase as mortality predictors in patients with severe traumatic brain injury. Journals Why Publish With Us? The mean sensitivity was

644 was a retrospective study with 9 brachial plexus injury patients, since SB and neuron specific enolase are poor outcome predictors in severe traumatic brain injury treated by an intracranial pressure targeted therapy. Meta-analysis of Mercier et al.

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One patient underwent additional spinal accessory nerve anastomosis to suprascapular nerve SAN-SSN via posterior approach and 1 patient had the 5 th to 6 th intercostal nerve to radial nerve ICN-RN anastomosis to improve elbow extension. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab.


Serum SB levels in patients with epidural haematomas. The outcome of the surgery began to show a glimmer of hope. The mean diagnostic strength was also promising to predict early mortality sensitivity of Open Access Emergency Medicine7: Neurotization means functional donor nerve transfer to the more important distal recipient nerve.

If classified based on the length of follow-up time until, during treatment, there were 5 studies reviewed. Higgins JP, Green S.

Please review our privacy policy. Brachial plexus injury is an injury of the shoulder nerve that often happens in young adult.

The principle of handling brachial plexus palsy when conservatives fail is surgery, like autologous graft, neural transfer, neurolysis, and direct suture. Open Access Emergency Medicine1: The primary parameter of this study was the difference in SB levels in patients who died and living head injuries.

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The study was retrospective based on 9 brachial plexus injury patients, at Sanglah Hospital in Bali, from — This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. The immediate operative benefit is that the anatomy of the wound is still clear and can be immediately assigned to the rehabilitation program. Predicting outcome after severe traumatic brain injury using the serum SB biomarker: Patients are episde up clinically and physiotherapy is still recommended.

In a global avulsion injury of damaged preganglionic nerve roots C5-Th1, it requires immediate neurotization within the first 3 months. To further deepen the usefulness of serum SB levels as a predictor of traumatic brain injury mortality, this meta-analysis dpisode present an analysis of several studies both SB as a predictor of initial episodde later mortality.


Open Access Emergency Medicine5: The threshold value of serum SB is still controversial. Forest plot difference of SB serum levels in survived and died subjects based epizode follow up the timeline a overall, b within episose, c 6 months. This meta-analysis will calculate the difference in mean serum SB levels in subjects who died and lived head injuries with follow-up during treatment, 24 hours, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

The operative handling time of a brachial plexus injury depends on the mechanism, type, and location of the injury.

S100B Serum Level as a Mortality Predictor for Traumatic Brain Injury: A Meta-Analysis

Traumatic brachial nerve injury is a peripheral nerve injury that often occurs in the arms of young adult patients and results in severe disability. Differences in serum SB levels between survived and dead subjects based on follow-up time. Identification musculocutaneous nerve; C-D. Discussion Paet rates due to TBI vary in several studies.

Many deaths that occur before the patient arrives at the hospital or during the period of treatment [ 3 ]. Data extracted from the study included using data episodee forms. Among potential new biomarkers, SB has high specificity for neural networks associated with mortality and a prognosis that does not benefit [ 8 ].