He was wealthy or getting there real quick and he didn’t need the job anymore. One of Wambaugh’s characters, officer Sam Niles, due to the aforementioned Vietnam experience, developed severe claustrophobia, which later became a key factor in what Wambaugh called the “MacArthur Park shooting”. It isn’t a real pleasant read, but you might find it rather enlightening. We are introduced to many different officers and different experiences they have both professionally and personally. The serious anti-establishment attitude that was so prevalent in the early seventies. The book is a collection of stories centered around several LAPD officers who do very little police work.

The writer, apparently, was a cop, and so this can be read as a first-hand account of what life on the streets of LA was like back in those days. Or be an epic tragedy with corrupt characters like The Shield. They are frightened of the day when they decide enough is enough and the fact that the more dark things they deal with on the job the quicker they might arrive at the decision. Joseph Wambaugh Marina Valente. He has written a total of 19 nonfiction accounts of crime and detection and novels, with his most recent contribution to the literary field of “Hollywood Station” novel , “Hollywood Crows” novel and finally, as of this writing, “Hollywood Moon” novel. To get me interested in a cop story these days, it has to be some kind of ultra-realistic look at the bureaucratic nightmare of real police work like The Wire.

It’s shocking, sad, engrossing, sometimes even a bit touching, and often flat-out hilarious. Their backstories are garbage. Some of the characters are hit and miss, whattaya mean Dean was very one dimensional for example, but most are an interesting read.


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Elliott Hall Gosh darn it, I began to care. I can remember a suicide in which the victim used a magnum revolver on himself, dealing with a drunk driver who was totally naked except for his fishing hatand almost shooting another officer when he ran up behind me when I was looking for a suspect who had just beaten another person to the point of death with a claw hammer.

Online Loans not verified May 04, The book also goes to extremes – the explicitness would shame 50 Shades, and the brutality could teach horror scribes a thing or two. This complet the kind of book that makes me want to never cineblkg01 live in Los Angeles. It slants the book and gives it an air of unreality. Furthermore, in “The Choirboys”, Wambaugh used names of many characters by often unflattering nicknames rather than given names e.

You start empathizing with them anyway, even the worst of them I’m looking at you Roscoe Rules! The first time I read it I was still in high school and would often read late at night. Rising from the rank of patrolman to detective sergeant, he served until He finally killed himself. It’s a masterpiece of critical character study and one hell of a read.

What Wambaugh shows is that these choir practices are usually the direct result of the horrible things the cops routinely have to deal with while constantly being harassed by their bosses for violations of petty rules while ignoring the emotional well-being of the officers.

But Wambaugh didn’t stop there. Boy am I glad I did!

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Some bits did stand out though like the time Roscoe does something during a road collision and also an impromptu flight but they were few and far between. At the start this fllm seems to be the usual patter about some odd ball cops. Georgefen not verified May 04, While reading this book, I was a child again, looking into the adult world and feeling nervous but excited about that world being cinelog01 world one day.


Williamrem not verified May 04, Jeremy Smith An Authentic Predawn Nightmare! Are cops really like that and so on and so forth. I didn’t like this book to begin with, it all seemed a bit hard-boiled and the Police-Academy-meets-Porky’s cinevlog01 rankled. Praesent pellentesque nisl ligula, sed molestie ex scelerisque quis.


I cried – twice, damn you. Cineblog001 of Wambaugh’s characters, officer Sam Niles, due to the aforementioned Vietnam experience, developed severe claustrophobia, which later became a key factor in what Wambaugh called the “MacArthur Park shooting”.

The story basically introduces a number of characters and then spends a set amount of time giving background information on them and then moving onto comleto next set. I gave it three stars because it was somewhat novel–no pun intended–for its day. Three stars, but again, if you’re a writer, this book feels like a master class on how to create memorable secondary characters.

As a result the book presents a very slanted view of the department’s administration. I also believe that it’s sour grapes.