As Ganga dances on the dance floor, she meets Rahul. However, when Jai finds out that Ganga is Bani’s daughter, Pallavi’s engagement party goes haywire. Meanwhile, Bani makes an agreement with Meera and decides to live in the outhouse, which greatly frightens Jigyasa. Six months have passed since Bani’s death. He meets his daughter Vidya, but is shcoked to learn Meera is Jai’s wife. Windows xp home edition keyboard shortcuts Ebook Myths and Realities of Caribbean History Autorun killer download Spy fox 3 operation ozone free download Ebook Godel’s Theorem in Focus Lepide exchange reporter keygen Facebook download ipad Power rangers operation overdrive all episodes download Bangla bhawaiya songs download Le cellulaire film streaming Download accelerator plus pour android Db

Bani settles into the outhouse, but she a stone pillar falls onto her, giving her a serious head injury. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Bani has blood cancer, and is going to die. Walia plans to move to the USA in three days. Taking this advice, Bani enters the party and agrees to marry Mohan. Bani tells Meera the entire truth. However, things may take a drastic change when Dadi sees Bani working in the kitchen. In the middle of the night, Bani goes to visit Daksh and Billo Massi quietly follows her.

Jai thinks about his intentions of getting close to Pia while Pushkar proposes to Pia. Soon, Bani discovers she’s pregnant and the entire family is in joy.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: The misunderstanding between Bani and Pia about the food for the party is cleared up, and it seems that Jigyasa’s plan has once again been foiled. Later at the Walia Mansion, the head shaving ceremony for Varun begins and 52 a true Punjabi party. Taking this advice, Bani enters the party and agrees to marry Mohan.

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Luckily, Meera is able to keep Bani safe from any other eyes at the party. However, the news of Ganga’s cancer shakes up the Walia family. Soon, she admits that it was never her idea, but actually Pia’s. Bani leaves the Walia mansion after Jai kicks her out and blamed the death of episove kids on her.


Meanwhile, Meera’s talkative sister comes to the Walia mansion for her engagement party. When Bani finds out Pia eoisode in perfect condition, she threatens her sister to tell her who killed Krishna and Atharva.

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Pia and Rano rush to jail to see Bani, and Pia then seeks Pushkar so that he could free her from jail. Unbeknownst to Jai, however, is that Jigyasa has mixed a few drugs in his drink. A lot has changed since then. Jigyasa fakes a heart attack to stop her brother from finding out that Bani is Ganga’s mother, and it actually works. Bani, Pia, and Rano watch as their entire family celebrates with joy. Soon after, however, Jigyasa tries to persuade Meera kzsam adopt Ganga.

Bani pulls off a great presentation at the office despite Ranvir’s anger, and back at home Mohan proposes to Bani. Following the advice from their father, Bani, Pia, and Rano travel to Mumbai by train.

Bani settles into the outhouse, but she a stone pillar falls onto her, giving her a serious head injury. Pia and Rano then force Bani to go to a party later in the day, and Pia goes along. Meanwhile, Jigyasa rushes to the outhouse and finds an unconscious Dadi. Disturbed by these emotions, Jai tries to find Meera and apologize to her but instead finds Bani. While in jail, Jigyasa receives a threatening phone call from her blackmailer, who says Ranvir’s life is in danger. Meera tries to tell Jai that Bani has remained faithful to him, but he is too confused.

However, he refuses to listen to Bani, and Billo Massia leaves the mansion for a pilgrimage.

Meanwhile, however, a patient at a hospital wakes up after a terrible accident. Rashi prays for Ranvir to come back into her life, and Rano is perplexed at her desires.


Pallavi’s wedding ceremonies continue, and Rano gets disturbed by the fact that Rashi visits Ranvir. Although Jigyasa is very happy to here about this, her hopes are destroyed when Jai brings the three sisters back into the Walia Mansion. Meanwhile, Jai refuses to listen to Dadi’s belief that someone is in the outhouse, which causes Bani to search for herself.

Pushkar, who is very happy about this, tries to protect Bani from a quarrel at the office with Ranvir, which annoys her. Walia is in better health. Arriving by her own free will at a house, she remembers three sisters and their happy moments there.

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Unfortunately, their belongings get stolen and with the help of the police the girls find the Walia mansion. Their mother died seven years ago which caused their father episodd become an alcoholic. Episode 30 Episode Bani is not seen by Jai, but kxsam world is disrupted when she finds out that her thakurain has sold her canteen away to a businessman. Colors TV 1 day agoviews. Rano’s birthday is coming up, and Pia starts to plan out a party for her.

Jai uses Meera as a way to make Bani jealous and humiliated, which causes Meera to think Jai truly sr her. Jai refuses to give Bani money, but luckily Meera finds out what happened to Ganga and pays the money. Meanwhile, Bani frets over the secret in the orange envelope and tries to hide it from anyone else. However, Pushkar’s actions greatly upsets Sahil’s older brother. Episode 23 Episode As Pallavi’s wedding ceremonies continue, Meera realizes her place is somewhere else.