Every culture in every nation should treasures these most. At least it placed my boring hometown on the map. Aswang is everywhere… hahahaha! They were greeted with enthusiasm and all by Tiniente Gimo and some other relatives. And one of my lola was born between and so this story is really very very old and people that time are still innocent unlike today. Damn, get a better research team, mga manol.

If one of them ever looked up…. This story makes for a good horror movie, but KIB Production and RMS Productions give us another interesting angle, combining horror with romance and comedy. Tiniente Gimo discovered who he had eaten when morning came. She waited for the morning breaks and very carefully, painfully climbed down. They accepted them warmly and served them with foods, as if there was a celebration. Teniente Gimo had a wife, Melba, and a daughter, Ella. Light from the torches illuminated the branches and the leaves of the tree as the mob passed underneath her.

Maybe its just a childish story or maybe not. Story Some people think that taking Cortal a local brand of aspirin and washing it down with Coke would induce abortions.

But no matter how fictional these stories are, its lasting effect on people should not be entirely underestimated. But she did get help and she did find her way home, safe and alive. You can also add or revise the whole story. Although the crowd had gone, Juana stayed hidden in the tree. Now, if you believe the story, whatever. Ric Rodrigo dies and he leaves his five children orphaned. The voices grew nearer and so did the footfalls.


I was browsing for a good aswang story over the net and I stumble upon the story that brings me back to my childhood again, the story of Tiniente Gimo. Besides, it was morning and if they did party on mofie night, they would be too full and tired to give care. The men were drinking while some women busy chopping some vegetables.

The Tiniente Gimo Story

Let me give you a quick recount about it, that is if I still remember it. That way, the heads were hidden underneath. She tried to calm herself to prevent from shaking.

So she kept on running over the grass, the rocks, the pebbles that cut her feet, the sharp thorns of the shrubs and the slimy dead things underneath her. Liwayway magazine, If I remember right run a series of stories about Teniente Gimo as well. Still, neither her beauty nor all the money in the world gave her what she wanted. Who wrote your TinienteGimo kapitsn script, RatedK? Sabtu, 30 Maret The men were drinking while some women busy chopping some vegetables. The two loved the food and ask them what kind of dish it is.

As soon as her bare feet touched solid fulp, Juana began to run. They created some sort of a bad reputation to bring him down. Her own survival instinct kicks in. I heard about him in my childhood days, of course, from my grand parents. Notify me of new comments via email. Aswang now is maybe everywhere na, because they also multiply…but indi mna japun nila mpantayan ang power ni God.


I mean, why the hell would he put a dead body fkll his hut if he really did killed the boy. Like other girls, when they are together, they don’t sleep right away.

The legend that is Teniente Gimo

Gimo’s daughter said that the visitors would be sharing a room with her. The re-enactment dialogue used was in Bisaya. Let xtory all pray for world peace…. Edit Cast Cast overview: They had opened the sack and found out the terrible mistake they made.

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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Thus, the truth they present to the listeners and readers as well have higher value than the cold hard facts. At this point, I no longer remember how Juana got help. One of the teniente’s daughters studied kapitaj a university in the city. He hit the head not knowing it was his daughter, and brought her in the kitchen.

They couldn’t find her.