Lady Jewelina then visited the cafe and greeted the six pets, also telling Ruby what is happiness and congratulating them on finding the first magic jewel. Ruruka and Nene noticed everyone’s motivation and happiness as they were then greeted by Jewelina, telling them about Jewel Land’s most famous Blue Bird. Marie is still heartbroken that she is the only person who doesn’t have a Magic Gem of her own as both Nobara and Mutsumi cheered her up. As Chiari and the others arrived, they noticed how hot it is inside the cafeteria as Labra is rushing to Ruruka crying due to the heat and Garnet scolding Ruby for the menu. The girl told them that she’s playing with the doll named Dorothy in the park until she left it in the swings when her friends invited her to play. Angela’s problems were getting worse as the flowers on her ears is withering. Kaiya herself decided to use her magic and give the girls a change of clothes to make them look beautiful. However during the sample act they all made, Prase is disappointed on each one of them due to how bad their acting were.

Garnet questioned her about barging inside the shop, thought she responded she declared war against the Jewel Academy during the athletic meet. A while later, the kitchen is finally been cleaned as Ruby checks the fridge, and huge amounts of food came out. Outside, Taira was admiring on how well designed the ice-themed cafe is and saw the girls. Back to Coal, he himself is having a conversation with Angel, being happy that he has someone to talk to. Kaiya herself decided to use her magic and give the girls a change of clothes to make them look beautiful. Chiari and the others decides to help Peridot on her Fortune Telling job and to get her and Ayame out of their tight spot. She was very nice and also motherly, and Yuku considered her a mother. The entire class were surprised to hear this as their teacher told them who will participate.


She desperately asked Sapphie hapiness she can help her with her own problem as she agrees. However as they arrive, the cafe is worn down and haunted as Jeweloet, Nene and Ruruka passes through and were late in class, The trio saw the Jewelpets and hand an unexpected meeting with each other and introduced themselves. However the next day, the episoxe is busy as usual and the customers were lining up as Marie and her lackeys are confused. As they talked, they then encountered Takumi’s rival in Chess, Afroski who is annoyed on how Ruby mispronounced his name.

At the school grounds, the girls finished setting up their booth to sell some goods and with Garnet featuring a line of Maneki-neko statues modelled after her. However, he noticed he’s riding her back as he got off by surprised, and Angela told him he fainted from the exhaustion and saved him. They also wanted to have their fortunes read by Peridot too while explaining that her fortunes were sometimes wrong.


This gave Marie a chance to befriend him until she saw Coal making a fuss on jewelper booth.

Jewelpet Happiness – EP 45 Eng Dub

Ruby also explained that she works there to deliver the cafe’s daily supply of dairy, in much to their surprise that she forgot to deliver it. Back to the girls, they were almost finished with the decoration as they’re now setting up the tables and preparing the food and somehow lagging behind. But episofe their class, Kohaku, a Shiba Inu Jewelpet barges in and wants him to be their apprentice. Outside, Garnet herself is thinking if she had to transfer to the new cafe and work as a manager until she encounter the couple happlness in the Jewelpett Cafe.

At Marie’s booth, which is decorated in an over the top fashion, both Marie and Nobara were selling their old stuff as Coal passed by. But Yuku didn’t take it well and ran away crying, and Taira didn’t know he’s hurt.

The girls and the pets were worried where she is hiding, however they got another problem regarding the coffee beans for the Christmas Cake as Nene decided to go to the Rocks Cafe while searching for Amelie.

On the other hand, Hpapiness and Sapphie were both attending the senior’s class in the other classroom, with the boys impressed on her appearance. Kaiya herself decided to use her magic and give the girls a change of clothes to make them look beautiful. As Chiari and the others arrived, the pets prepared them some food using some of the food they didn’t use. They also wondered what happened to Jeaelpet as well as Rossa said she may have run away, saying that Labra wanted to be friends with Ruruka than with Angela.

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She herself that the Magic Gem can bring total miracle and happiness to everyone, not to personal gain. But things didn’t go better back at the Rocks Cafe as Opal still didn’t like the new blend of coffee he prepared for her and told him to prepare something that can impress her.

As she left the office, Chiari asked Sapphie about the invention she got. Ruby asked him if he’s searching on a human partner for his own Magic Gem, but generally refuses due to his desire to work alone. The next day, rumors about the Jewelpet Cafe spread all around the Jewel Academy as Chiari and her friends knew Ruby’s cafe is becoming a trend and some of the students even admired Chiari on how she became cute, making her happy and excited.

The girls were outside spying on what she’s doing and came to a conclusion that they must stop her from taking over Jewel Land. As he does his daily jogging, he encountered both Ruby and Chiari, practicing for their cheer to Takumi.


Ruby never liked what he said until they noticed Rald is missing. It however blew him away alongside Chiari and Ruby, who were passing by until they got caught by the sumo wrestlers. As they went there, they saw the floors all scrubbed nicely but however the cleaning is still half done.

The song is composed by Tetsuro Oda and arranged by Kaz. The Jewelpet Cafe is once again bustling with customers thanks to the new Roll Cake the girls included in the menu. The girls all decided to search for the Pretty Jewelpet, but Taira was kinda reminded about something due to Yuku’s story as he left the cafe. Ruby was proud on how Chiari approached him. On the other hand, Diana is excited about the race as she rushes to the academy with her cheering squad.

However during the sample act they all made, Prase is disappointed on each one of hzppiness due to how bad their acting were. As he parked his boat, he spotted Ruby in the distance as he thinks she’s running towards him but she was just greeting her friend from Sweetsland named Sakuran, a Sakuramochi Sweetspet.

She then shifted her jewelpe to Machiko but then ignored her. Later on, they opened the “Jewelpet Seaside Cafe” on the beach and goes to work, with each of them were hard at work cooking, preparing and serving food for the customers.

Rossa herself is peeking in the windows and wonders on one idiom as she is secretly being watched.

She felt serious depressed on this as Sapphie said it’s ok and Garnet told them the renovation was Garnet’s idea to make up her mistakes on leaving her place as manager. However he then gave her another chance to take his offer and work jeweppet the new cafe, something she is confused on.

Ruby was mad on this for lying but Chiari was amazed on how good and cute she is. As it begins, the girls and the pets take the first lesson about admiring themselves, on which Nene came on top. Happinezs told them not to as they tripped but then they saw a statue of a Jewelpet in the garden. Back at the cafe, Chiari is discussing with Nene and Ruruka about their cheerleading to boost the cafe’s sales. Everyone were pretty amused on her experience and her adventures overseas as Prase told them she wanted to set up a play inside a cafe based on Cinderella.

In the academy, everything is going all according to plan as Lapis tickle tortures both Aples and the School Nurse.