Member feedback about Tu Mera Hero: Ram is very heartbroken at this and returns to Ayodhya. Member feedback about Dalip Tahil: Lakshmana cuts Shurpanakha’s nose. Reruns on Channel 8 from September 9, on Saturday – Sunday. Lakshmana topic Lakshmana Sanskrit: What is the changed timings? Member feedback about Sara Khan film actress:

The show premiered on 2 February with 1 hour telecast duration for first 20 episodes. He promises to fulfill two wishes. He appeared in Wafaa and Shaabash! He apologizes to Vashisht saying he cannot take over Ram’s place. This company produced several TV Serials that were critically acclaimed. Janaki Ramudu is a Telugu film directed by K.

These kind of mythological serials give us so much knowledge and enlighten us about our history. Sita refuses to return to Ayodhya as it was that society who doubted her character and she cannot return to it as it would be wrong on her part and betray all those other women who have suffered the same plight as her.

Rather she wanted Akshayakumara to leave Lanka. jqnaki

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Manish Wadhwa born 23 Aprilin Mumbai is an Indian actor and voice actor. Bharat places Ram’s sandals on the throne. You r loosing your audience who r young people, children, old people too. Recently Updated Complaints Parcel not received till now – Singapore parcel I have not received my parcel till now.

Later it is shown that both Ram and Sita have maz up. Sita and her sisters also travel along with Kushadhwaja to see Vt Vishvamitra.


History Star One was an Indian television youth channel that primarily broadcast Hindi entertainment based in Mumbai. After 12 years, Sreial decides to perform the Ashwamedha Yagna and the twins catch the horse of the Yagna after which a terrible battle ensues. After long time one of the best epic story is telecasting in maa TV.

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KaushalyaKaikeyi and Sumitra welcome them. Explore Tennetisn’s board “janaki ramudu” on Pinterest. Lakshmana reasoned that he will swrial no time for her in his day Member feedback about Sunny and Inder Bawra: Guru Vishvamitra tells that he wants to take both of them to Mithila and seek the blessings of Shiv Dhanush. Afterwards he comes to know that he will die because of a woman.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ravan soon gets overpowered. Janak wants to find out whether or not the baby has a family.

Devdutt Pattanaik topic Devdutt Pattanaik Odia: A Handbook of Hindu Mythology[5]; Jaya: Dundubi disguises as a buffalo and battles with Bali. Ravan kicks Vibhishan and considers him as his enemy.

Sita and her sisters also travel along with Kushadhwaja to see Guru Vishvamitra. The Forgotten Hero” as Col. Shurpanakha plans to prove herself better than Sita. He tells Janak that he will not return because he wants to fulfill the promise he had made to Dasharath. Sumitra topic Sumitra Sanskrit: Madirakshi Mundle is an Indian television actress. Surpanakha is delighted to see Sita in Janakki.


Later, Ravan stops Surpanakha from attacking Sita.


Sita orders Lakshman to go into the jungle to look for Ram. Member feedback about Shailesh Datar: Ram, Lakshman and the monkey army reach Lanka. Mandodari knows about Hanuman’s strength and fears because she didn’t want to lose her son. Please help seriaal this section by adding citations to reliable sources. At the bottom of the lake, Ram turns to Vishnu. She requests Bharat to take her along with him to meet Ram.

Yash Mistry is e;isodes Indian child actor who has appeared in television serials. Bharata refuses to become the king of Ayodhya. Lakshmana cuts Shurpanakha’s nose.

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Ravan tells Marich about Surpanakha’s humiliation and seeks his help to avenge her insult. Bharat assures Kaushalya that he will stay near Ayodhya. Sita is worried on hearing Ram’s cries. Everyone say Goodbye to each other.