The knife unfolds itself and does a short dance while its point tears the doily to tatters. Pure events without mixture shine above the mixed bodies, above their embroiled actions and passions. Still more small dolls are chased around a table by a flatiron, which presses them into paper dolls. Why not have it performed for you by the Muppets: If he still retains a certain lucidity, all he can do is turn back toward his childhood which, however his guides and mentors may have botched it, still strikes him as somehow charming. Stivale, Athlone Press, London,

They are in turn cooked and consumed by still larger dolls. I feel there is a much more specific psychic landscape there, as if he is force-feeding us the dreams condensed of all Europeans that they have dreamt of themselves over the past 20 centuries. It is both a dream and a nightmare. Lewis Carroll’s poem is read and followed by a free-form animated depiction of images and toys from childhood, repeatedly overturned by a live cat. The line pauses to deface the portrait of the old man before fleeing out of the window. Learn more More Like This.

Jabberwocky () Review – Film & Vinyl

Interspersed between these scenes is a recurring sequence of a child’s maze drawn on toy blocks, in which a line struggles jabverwocky free itself; whenever it hits a dead end, a live-action black cat leaps out and scatters the blocks.

Originally published in A little girl goes down to the basement cellar to fetch some potatoes, and finds all her hidden fears about the cellar depicted in animated form. The wardrobe opens a strange playroom inside that is watched over the portrait of a stern old man. It’s far more similar to the harsh monotony of adult life. This site uses cookies. Children set off each day jzn a worry in the world.

Still jabbwrwocky small dolls are chased around a table by a flatiron, which presses them into paper dolls. It arrives in a house, a child’s voice recites Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky,” and various objects, such as toys and dolls, move about, disintegrate, and play out archetypal scenes.


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Fill in your details below or click an icon to jabbberwocky in: Edit Storyline In stop-time animation, a wardrobe moves through the countryside.

In stop-motion animation, a wardrobe moves through the countryside. An extraordinary work, and a great essay by you to accompany it. Reddit Twitter Email Print Facebook.

Meanwhile, the old man in the photograph can be any parental or authoritative figure you find yourself answering to. And where have they gone?

Childhood remains a happy ideal, a reminder of a prelapsarian imaginative state with which Breton fim Surrealist activism could reconnect:. The snicker-snack of jump-cut animation perfectly captures, at the level of the surface, the violence in the depths of the imagination and of memory, including those of children: Haha, and that black cat.

Svankmajer kicks open doors to the unconscious and always remains true to the absurd nature of nightmares.

It’s been a blast!! Had me laughing every single time! Views Read Edit View history.

Jabberwocky () – IMDb

Quickly, their innocence is polluted, and they are put to work in a series of actions that knock them into submissive shape. The branches promptly swamp the innocent nursery, flower and bear fruit — the unmistakable symbol of the apple, which then drops to iflm floor and decomposes, worms and all, rapidly before our eyes: I’m approaching this as an academic not as a parent, but I think the film is pretty damn amazing. I first discovered J. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are a lot of things in this 14 minutes to dig, the man in the painting, the apples, the pocket knife, etc.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By jabbwrwocky to use this website, you agree to their use. Lewis Carroll’s poem is read and followed by a free-form animated depiction of images and svanimajer from childhood, repeatedly overturned by a live cat.

Unstable Dolls in Jan Švankmajer’s ‘Jabberwocky’

Everything is near at hand, the worst material conditions are fine. The knife closes itself into its woman-shaped handle and blood pours out of the woman’s back, staining the doily’s remains.

Just as traditional fairy tales were quite gruesome, Svankmajer is returning to the horror of a childhood nursery — even if the horrors are in the imagination. The pictures of faces used by Svankmajer always seem important for their physiognomy, to illustrate jabbwrwocky European racial types, tempting and daring the viewer to engage in racial physiognomic and in particular of the nose and eyes appreciation and jabberwocmy. Jabberwocky is a compendium jabberwofky symbols, isolated images that interconnect and build like puzzle pieces into a powerful vision.

And all to the backdrop of operatic lullaby music!

Knowing that this is not a narrative, but a semi- experimental stop motion short animation before watching it might help people critique it by its own standards. Svankmajer captures the magic of childhood, the horrors we see vilm we get into adulthood, and everything in between.

We hear a reading of a Lewis Carrol poem, with visual depictions showing toys of childhood.