I need to start watching Working!! One Piece is good. Hi guys, anyone care to share their anime series on hd? The good part is the animation and voice efect are good, able to enable you engross yrself along the story. Wonder if his back hurt after all that. Watch ore monogatari episode 1 english sub goodanime. I think Kaizoku Fansubs still have the old series. I only saw about 4 episodes or so but I want to watch the whole thing.

Just started watching Working!! From the creator of nana and paradise kiss, this was ai yazawas first series to become a tv series. I know there is more than this, I can’t really recall. Watch ore monogatari online streaming free in p. YESSS fucking love detective conan! Great to see One Piece fans here!

Does anyone know where I can watch Full Metal Panic Fumoffu English Dubbed: Episodes 13+?

Haha oh the Grimmjow fight? When Isskai first started watching it, I was like wow this show is so damn funny. Gintama still funny as ever. It was a tough decision made on her part, in order to save herself and koyomi araragi from their death sentence.

I watched it and I was laughing quite a lot. Anime outing become steak outing.

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I wonder what’s the motive. Exciting to boot, I need some romantic anime. Due to the way she dresses haruhi is mistaken 4 a boy and after braking a vase that cost 2 million yen or something really pricey like that She is unvolintarly joins a host club That entertains the schools girls. I haven’t been watching bleach lately, has the zanpakutou filler arc ended?


I’m quite an anime fan, feel free to pm me: I hardly remember the anime haha its been 2 years or so. The assassins pilot unique sacred mechanoids, making it impossible to identify them. But they are all gone now, but till now im still enjoying every time i watch anime. It’s a pet monotatari of mine to hear English e;isode actors mispronounce Japanese words or names. Are we allowed to post torrents on here? SUbbed series include from my personal list-i have seen them all yes-: Some I liked are Summer Wars- My favourite anime film, one of my seikisshi movies in general, great stuff, very entertaining 5 cm per second- Really sad, beautiful artwork Place Promised in our Early Days- Awesome Film, same guy who made 5 cm.

Esp when Kamina i’m surprised I remembered his name since I watched this anime yrs ago, If I didnt get it wrong that is died. This site works with iphone, ipad, and android devices. I didnt want to include the hentais either. Standard shounen about monogaatri young boxer rising up the ranks to become a champion. Crowded and episoed commercialised. Even Ryuk looked chilling and believable.

I love it so far. The good part is the animation and voice efect are good, able to enable you engross yrself along the story. Anyone here ever watch Perfect Blue?

But I’ve not watched an anime with Aya and Rie Kugumiya together so its great! Good for some of you who likes big boobs.


Been too busy to watch any anime though. Anyways, have just started abit on Shonen Onmyouji. D and an anime? But his last act alive was taking a drag off his cigarette. Are you into anime? Shounen Omyouji is Great. Naruto about to end I believe, in about 3 years time lol. What is the nicest anime you’ve ever seikkishi or are still watching? I dunno if I feel like rewatching the first half of the anime after seeing the movie.

Soul Eater, Check it out i’ve read the manga a bit and i really liked it. It’s funny at first I thought all the Japanese voice actors sounded the same but now if I only heard the voice I could probably tell which character was speaking. Yes, I would agree that most of the time subs sound better and the voices suit the character more. Sign-up and then enjoy it. Especially vekh the actors have to pronounce Japanese words.

Your missing out, since they haven’t and probably won’t be dubbed. Seiikishi Deeper Kyo also not bad. These are some I personally like. Macross Frontier is very enjoyable to fans of the series.