Buaji asks him for more puris, Arnav says ok but then buaji says leave now. Khushi again asks to tell everyone and NK finally tells everyone that Khushi is right. Have you gone mad? Arnav asks for price of old bag. Khushi then pushes ASR away and leaves, he has a smirk on his face he follows her. He even reveals how Khushi had recorded inmobile the voice password

He says even Shyam knows Khushi is right. For God sake stop blaming him without any proofs. A lot of knowing glances are shared between Shyam, Arnav and Khushi while everyone else is getting frantic with worry about whatever’s happened. Khushi is watching all this and she seems happy. Payal says to Shyam not to blame someone else for his mistakes and says do you know why we are quiet since long time? Khushi is sad and crying.

Khushi tells Arnav to believe her and tells he knows that Khushi would never do that. She is leaving and Arnav holds her hand and stops her.

From the first day she has been trying to force me to give divorce to Anjali. Khushi freshens and enters room and is looking around for ASR, he isoutside by the poolside looking contemplative, Khushi recalls the slapscene. In fact, you will have to learn to go forward with me. Shyam asks from where he listened all this. ASR tells Khushi he is going Agra, and that she will be alone in the house, he wants her to come with him, but she says she has a 5gh of cleaning to do, he asks whether she needs to clean her head, she states it will be clean once he leaves.


When he is leaving, Khushi now holds his hand. Aakash said he went writtne as episoode wanted to stay alone. Her mother says what are you saying? Ouch at the clinic arnav was madly searching for anjali and anjali went out of doctors room and doc was continuously calling her name. Khushi replies what will he do and goes to leave again, he then grabs her and states she knows very well what he is able ipkknc do, she as held her arm and then we see the first meeting flashback.

Suddenly, something shocking got revealed She says this is testing time for us. Payal comes and hugs Khushi.

He contines tocall her, Anjali takes his hand and takes him to the door, ASR is tryingto explain that 212 did this for her and she cant separate herself fromhim this this, ASR at the entrance and all the family gather, Anjalistates she wants to be alone for a while. Sections of this page. He says how is this possible that only Khushi knew about it and no one else.

Meanwhile, Anjali is tending to Shyam’s wound in her usual oh-my-darling-husband-got-hurt expression, crying.

He stops the car, grabs Khushi and goes into the woods. He gets shocked and run inside and wrutten scissor. Manorama gets mad and tells Khushi to give phone to Buaji. Arnav is remembering how Anjali told him to leave her alone. Payal tries to go to Anjali but Manorama stops her.

She hugs Arnav and asks him to make everything like before. Arnav comes near her but she stops him and Arnav goes back.


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 19th July Written Update – ♥ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ♥

No photos were taken as Babuji was sick. Khushi says jupy she have any other option? Do you have any proof Shyamstating that this is their practical joke, NK wants Khushi to give phonewith the recorded message but she explains that Shyam took it. She was quiet just for this family.


Khushi takes Anjali’s hand and tells If it is revealed then it will hurt Shyam asks whether he saw Shyam at any point during the kidnapping, heasks ASR whether he saw Shaym during the kidnapping, ASR remains quiet,he states that Khushi is lying.

He asks about the mandir and questions her travelling. Nk and Manorama tell her not to worry and they go to talk with Arnav now. Nani says, Arnav never refused to marry because he loves her a lot. NK says to Anjali your husband is lying to everyone.

Arnav tries hard to beat up the kidnappers but he is then knocked down. Shyam tries to call Anjali. Arnav leaves from there with a coconut in his hand. Aritten goes to Khushi and tells her that Arnav is calling her. She says this much happened and no one knew about this? I know today i dont have any proof