She nearly decides to let Zim attempt his experiment of taking out Dib’s organs but thinks that Professor Membrane wouldn’t allow them to go to the restaurant without reassembling Dib, so Gaz releases Dib and forces him to an escape ship that Zim foolishly guides them to. He is only stopped when they hit what turns out to be a giant TV screen, and discovers that the planet is being stolen by the Planet Jackers, aliens who use planets like the Earth as kindling for their dying sun. Zim wins by selling 1. Zim immediately informs the aliens that he is not human and GIR is not a dog, but they do not believe Zim. Zim’s class at school gets a new hamster , and Zim decides that its cuteness can be used as a form of mind control. After Dib controls the planet, Dib finds Zim and tries to stop him. The lice hunter soon discovers that the only one who is immune to the infestation is Zim, and uses Zim’s immunity to fight the lice queen in a parody of Aliens.

Zim works in a fast food restaurant on the Irken snacking planet of Foodcourtia but manages to escape before a massive amount of snacking causes the gravity to prevent anyone leaving the planet for 20 years. However, he cannot give his presentation as he lost his suitcase during the trials which contained proof of Zim’s alien heritage. This list is ordered by the episode order in the DVD releases, with broadcast dates noted. However, it is closed, but that doesn’t stop Zim. Zim chooses an annoying classmate named Keef to be his best friend and once people have acknowledged that Zim has a friend, he attempts to abandon him. He first tries using Dib’s giant telescope, but Dib won’t let him. They trick Zim into thinking aliens are coming to meet him in the woods to give him super weapons but after a while of waiting, Mr.

An upcoming television film based on the series, entitled Invader Zim: It was later released as a special feature on the Invader ZIM: Dib now invadeer passing in and out of an alternate dimension where everything is evil.

FBI Warning (FBI Warning Of Doom) () Episode 11B- Invader ZIM Cartoon Episode Guide

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Zim finally decides that enough is enough and simply pulls the girl out of the hole. Escaping is not difficult, as the aliens have only managed to stop one specimen from escaping in the past.

ZIM meets his obsessive match in the form of mall security guy Slab Rankle. On Monday morning, Dib turns up at school with his weapon, and invadee to annihilate Zim but when he attacks, he finds Zim has been invaer with a holographic decoy. The Santa suit malfunctions and engulfs Zim, effectively turning him into a real Santa Claus before Dib beats it and then launches it into space.


Zim continues to send a series of rubber piggies into the past to harm Dib until he is reduced to a catatonic state. Dib sees the school’s counselor, Mr. At that point it is revealed that Episofe had simulated Episodr entire life just to find out whether or not Dib was the one who actually threw the muffin. After failing to persuade them to leave the planet for his conquest, Zim goes about stealing the planet back and is eventually successful. Gaz is forced to go jnvader save him.

It was targeted at children in their early teens, and met with critical acclaim. The battle ends with Zim stupidly controlling the planet into the asteroid belt and being forced to abandon it. Views Read Edit View history.

He manages to force Zim to come into the dimension with him. Take a minute and post your own comments about this cartoon here.

Dib’s candidate wins the spisode, but the school faculty brings him to a lab where they very painfully remove his individuality and free will, making him nothing more than a mindless figurehead for the oppressive school. This is the last of three episodes eipsode to feature Zim. It is revealed that Dib’s head is the only portal out of the dimension, and all the evil creatures within it want to go through it. Dib summons a mystical beast called Mortos der Soulstealer to attack Zim and prevent him from taking over the world.

Dib fails the trials, but is successful in getting his father’s signature. Eventually GIR decides he wants tacos and burritosand makes the house morph into a four-legged walker vaguely resembling a dog.

However, Zim is terrified by the animatronic singing animals and ingader back out the door. Previous Episode Next Episode. The Hideous New Girl” and manages to repair enough of its systems to establish a invdaer connection of his own to get into Zim’s computer and wrestle for control of the Tallest’s ship. The zipper on the costume got stuck after a microwave exploded at a chicken restaurant. The moulting process, while disgusting and explosive, only lasts a few seconds, so it is crucial that Bill pays attention.

As a result, he crashes the piggy which had replaced the infader and becomes maimed by the accident. It is a quiet day for Zim. Dib realizes his father dislikes Santa.

FBI Warning (2002) Episode 11B- Invader ZIM Cartoon Episode Guide

After the first season the show’s ratings began to suffer. He finds Agent Darkbootie to be the janitorand Darkbootie helps Dib by sending him to Mercurywhich has been modified the same way Mars episde. Kevin MantheiMark Tortorici. So Dib goes to where future Dib told him to go, zzim it is a trap set by Zim, and the future Dib is in fact a robot controlled by Zim.


Invader Zim – Episode 11B – FBI Warning Of Doom – Video | eBaum’s World

Dib protests that he should finish Zim off but Gaz has left him strapped on a floating disc episodee he cannot move. But when the hamster heads 111b Zim’s base, Zim is forced to team up with Dib and use alien technology to launch the creature into deep space.

Dib, still at Zim’s base, is captured by Zim and taken to a station orbiting Earth for experimentation and vivisection. Originally Aired on Nickelodeon. Zim discovers how much people like Santa Claus and decides to use this in a plan to take over the world by dressing up in a Santa suit full of data about Christmas.

Zim takes the DVD back to the mall.

Zim decides that the explosion needs to be put into the city cesspit to stop it from exploding and destroying his base. When a pigeon lands on Zim’s head in invafer, he is sent to the nurse ‘s office for having “head pigeons”, but he becomes concerned that the nurse may discover that he is not actually human.

Invader Zim – Episode 12A – Bolognius Maximus

Poop Dawg the mascot of the candy drive appears in front of Zim as a “gangsta specter of defeat” and epjsode to make him give up, but Zim only becomes more interested in the mystery prize. Although he shows signs of insanity himself, the show received strong ratings because “people love crazy”.

Back on Earth, Dib uses another probe to overhear Zim planning to destroy Earth; he then runs to NASAplace to tell the Members, but like always, they don’t believe him.

As revenge he infects Zim with jnvader same virus, and as they start turning into sausages and coming close to being devoured by ravenous feral dogs they both work together to try to find a cure — only to fail and hide in a deserted house.

Before he can do this, the society requires that he must have a permission slip signed by his father, Professor Membrane. In order to be in time for the rare family dinner at her favorite restaurant, Gaz tries to persuade Dib to come home via a communicator watch, but her invvader refuses to listen to her. However, he cannot give his presentation as he lost his suitcase during the trials which contained proof of Zim’s alien heritage. invsder