Above all our father never came to to the point of facing the Ottoman army, and the war was for them. And while they were on the sea a heavy storm came up and it caused the ship to sink. Firuze has gone to Afife and tells her that Hurrem and Gulsha want to get rid of Nadia, though she is innocent. Geo Kahani claims that it was the channel’s most popular show [15] and received the highest TRPs. Rita volunteeres to stay guard while they communicate with each other. He answers that he wants his brother to be near him. Sultana Khadija is in Ibrahim office and it is as if he is speaking to her saying:

On the road another man came and talked with the tradesman and he bought her, this man was called Sunbul Agha. Rustem Agha signals a servant to bring the present forward as he wants Hurrem to see her with her own eyes. Sultan Suleiman says goodbye to his family. The Magnificent Century is a Turkish historical fiction television series. Mustapha Pasha brings good news to Ibrahim saying that Tabriz became a part of the Ottoman empire. Hurrem replies if that is a threat. Afife tells him, that Firuze was in the service to Mirimah before and though her position was cancelled, Mirimah found to like her very much and they have been found to spend time together.

The show switched owners midway through season 2. The story begins 37 years after the death of Suleiman the Magnificent. Though Iskandar Shalabi implies to him that he wants to sit on the throne instead. Ibrahim is informed that the warships are ready, he orders Nasoukh to go with a troop there.

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Suleiman will meet Ibrahim in Tabriz. Hareem Al Sultan Episode 67 Hurrem asks the girls name. Hurrem comes and greets them but she will take her meal eplsode the garden, she is followed by her servants and at last position by Nigar who turns to look at Khadija.

Serbian sociologist Ratko Bozovic explains the popularity by pointing at the traditional, patriarchal values of the Turkish shows, and the many cultural and linguistic similarities between Turkey and the Balkan countries: Firuze says that she went with sultqn family to participate in a wedding in a far away place.


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Firuze finished with the rearrangement of the dress, Mirimah likes her new look. Mirimah says that she was having headache and Firuze with her touch and prayers have let the pain reduce. Surprised Helena rises from her weaving tool, asking what he usltan doing here. Firuze enters the room and they are left alone. Suleiman came to the favorites room but only finds Nadia sitting there, Afife hurriedly coming she was cleaning the place.

Mustapha is visiting Helena at her place, he overhears their conversation about him. Geo Kahani claims that it was the channel’s a, popular show [15] and received the highest TRPs.

Skltan says thanks be upon Allah that she is still alive. Mohammed missed Mustapha greatly so he came to greet his brother warmly, Suleiman smiles. It could be the case that the first half of season 2 could be added within the next year. Mahidevran says now Hurrem will burn like she was burnt, but Hurrem replies eye to eye that no one can burn her cause she is the fire herself. The next day one of the girl awakes she goes out and sees Nadia hanging on top from the ceiling.

Rustem Agha says that only the best horses have been chosen for her but the present is not a horse. Helena asks him since when he was listening, honestly he tells her that he heard all her words. She tells that Firuze has gone since a while ago and Nadia has been taken by other servants on the demand of Afife to see her.

Firuze is with Suleiman on the balcony, telling each other poetry of life and love.

Additionally mocking her of her new job which is protecting the slave girl. Mustapha arrived at the palace grounds and greets his mother and aunt. At that moment Mirimah arrives in tow with Firuze, he is surprised. Google Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest. He will head from Aleppo to Tabriz then directly to the battlefield.

Their plan is to get rid of Nadia as soon as possible and to put it as a warning for anyone else. Firuze is applying the ointment with Gulsha on the back of Jihangir. Hurrem agrees and orders Asmaa to call for the chief doctor to lend Firuze a hand and learn the recipe of the ointment sulatn well. Suleiman asks Eyas Pasha to deliver a message to Ibrahim: He asks the Shukr if there is siltan heir on the way.


Until the Sultan comes back hsrim battle this shall be the only truth to protect Firuze from Hurrems wrath.

Khadija says the baby was born dead. She apologizes for breaking his sleep but he replies that he would want to wake up everyday in this way.

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Of course Sunbul pretends his innocence that he found her that way and was taking her to the nursing home. Retrieved 6 March Elif Batuman wrote in The New Yorker:. Suleiman assumes that she was one of the presented girls that came to the palace but she denies it. Netflix News After Life Season 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Due to the tradesman her father forbid her to leave the house since the last incidence when Mustapha broke his arm and the guy came and told everything to her father.

Sunbul sees no other solution than to call them to help and warns Gulsha of saying a word. Mustapha tells her goodbye he has been called to war and will be absent. Firuze says that the emir is episodde ill but he is carrying a heavy burden, after reciting few verses and massaging his back episose emir is calm.

My beloved Sultana let pour love drown us,let our concern become one instead of seperated two.

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Hurrem asks the girls name. Firuze says she was not one of the chosen one to go to the palace.

She is taken aback and has tears in her eyes. Hurrem is intrigued on how Firuze calmed him down, and enquires how she did it.