Since you’re here, I uh, I might as well toss this. It’s worth the risk. These nails ain’t just for scratching. Jake turns away and they continue over to Oliver’s locker. That boy is too cute! So Miley, Dolly, and Lilly sneak in to steal the tape. Aunt Dolly comes out of the Stewart living room and into the kitchen — which has been “dollified” with pink cushions, pink tissue boxes and the liking. I say, I say, that I know you can.

Ignoring Oliver, Miley walks over to Jake Ryan, pushing aside the group of surrounding girls. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Well, it don’t matter, ’cause I’m gonna’ clean up anyhow, so don’t sass me, boy. Oliver puts down his camera on the coffee table beside Aunt Dolly’s, as Lilly comes and sits beside Miley on the couch. Jackson’s already running upstairs. I haven’t carried a house key in years.

I-I’m taking a shower. I thought that Jackson was especially goofy at the end.

It’s called a skullet. In other words, a girl’s scene. Oliver Oken Jason Earles Really, she loves you. What did you was this stuff in? Season 1 Episode Oliver breaks free of Miley’s grip. Miley turns away, hurt. Aunt Dolly quickly bobs Miley back down before Jake can see. I don’t know what to do, Aunt Dolly. Just go ask for it back. Before Jake can fully reach over, Aunt Dolly turns him back again.


You’re right back where you started, secretly crushing on Jake. I thought I was missing a wig! Miley reaches over for another rose from the coffee table.

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I say, I say, that I know you can. There’s only one dame in the world that’s right for a guy like you and you’re looking for her! Now pant one on me and make me remember golky I waste my time with you. Thanks, Aunt Dolly, but clothes aren’t going to help me now. Breathe that in, son.

I’m sorry, but nobody gets their tapes back under any circumstances. Well, you might want to think about naming him Zippy, because zip is what I’m getting from you.

Seasno, I have something to tell you and it’s not First one’s free, next one you share profits with me. I say, I say, time is on your side.

Some of my finest work. Miley comes up from her hiding place, covered in the remains of Jake’s meal and smothered with milkshake. I’ve got something else for you girls to wear.

Aunt Dolly holds up her extremely sharp fingernails. Robby and Aunt Dolly high five each other. Oliver takes the camera out from his locker and exchanges with Miley. Jake and Holly walk off together. I eat too much of this junk anyway. Oh, good golly, Miss Dolly.


Ashley Dewitt Jack Taylor Uh, Aunt Dolly, I think your hair’s ringing. Hqnnah like we’ve been volumized and Dolly-sized.

Aunt Dolly, still holding Robby’s hand, sniffs it in. I mean, it’s not like girls just stand around dreaming about boys all day.

Hannah Montana Season 1 Episode 16-Good Golly Miss Dolly

Miley is sitting out on the porch, singing and strumming on the guitar. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Who said, who said you can’t be worldwide? Principal Fisher himself comes out past the corridor and catches Oliver filming. Let’s go to the gym and fight back with the one thing she can’t take from us. It’s just, there’s other more important things in life, like, world peace and Episose say, I say, that I can have it all.

MILEY thinking of an excuse. These boots are made for sneaking!