So what exactly is the nature of their relationship? However, Kichou didn’t have that same unapproachable aura that Kagerou did. Kagerou could see a black car waiting at the other end of the alley. Then a third man emerged from the car, a wooden sword in hand. His long lashes and partially downturned eyes lent his expression an air of beauty and melancholy, but his gaze was cold and deliberate and made him look haughty. I grabbed the third, and may return for more, thank you!

His red cherry blossom-patterned shikake stood out against his clear, pale skin, which fit well with his stage name of Kagerou. Kagerou found himself wondering what would happen if his injuries were enough to be fatal. For the record, I did start a glossary a couple of years ago, when I started book 1, but I didn’t keep it updated – I’ll update that entry when I get the new one set up. He looked Kagerou up and down, as if he was imagining how Kagerou acted with his customers. Can’t say when I’ll have more, but I’ll try to make it sooner rather than later. He wasn’t particularly interested in going. Pictures of beautiful women with the specific purpose of illustrating their beauty. Just then, Kichou smiled.

Ten or so years earlier, the anti-prostitution laws were abolished, seriess the best red light districts made a comeback. However, he never got a chance to do it.


Hanafurirou series

Just then, Kichou was chatting amiably with one of the shinzou while he watched Kagerou with a faint smile on his lips. From top to bottom: But anyway, this first chapter was a little longer than I expected, and I’m having a hanafuriirou bout of screwed up sleep schedule at the moment, which completely destroys my ability to concentrate on anything.

Yeah, I know, uanafurirou been a while since I had more Hanafurirou But in looks only. His figure was elegant, but his shoulders were wide and his bone structure sturdy.

Hanafurirou Series | Novel –

One with the two of you. We’re back, with chapter 2 of Mede Shireru Yoru no Junjou! Though his crimson nagajuban was finally long enough to touch the floor, there was still something young about haafurirou appearance.

He proceeded through the mostly empty streets of the red light district during the daytime without looking around him. Takamura, one of the brothel staff, had other things to do, so he wasn’t with them just then.

It’s been some years since the last scene, and Kichou hanafurrirou now I’ll be linking back to this post with every actual translation post, just in case, and I plan on keeping this up as I go. Lots and lots of translator’s notes. Thank you for your hard work XD.

Kagerou considering shoving him away, but he forced the feelings down and stayed still. You were kinda slow, and you always followed me around everywhere. This was the man with whom Kagerou competed for the top spot each month. Or should we stand? Heh, I mentioned that I was going to make up a glossary of all well, most of my translator’s notes from Hanafurirou and such.


Hardworking, good-looking, and heir to daddy’s company, Shimano thinks his life’s just about perfect.

Thank you so much! That said, let’s start off with the translation of the back blurb, and then on to the story itself! Adameku Hana,Taorareru Tsumi Hanafurirou 5: Just as a warning, the second scene in this particular installment may bother some Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo Title, Translation: Netflix streams to the top, Xoom zooms to the bottom Podcast.

To be honest, I haven’t actually read the manga yet.

Thanks so much for sharing these! Then he looked at the photographer.

The Doushiyoumo drama link comes up dead, sadly. Kimi mo Shiranai Jaren no Hate ni http: His black hair, which had uanafurirou left down and tied loosely behind him, spilled over his shoulder.